12 Best Places In Calgary To Get Luscious Lashes

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12 Best Places In Calgary To Get Luscious Lashes

Lashes, lashes, lashes. I think it's safe to say us short-lashed girls will go through nearly a tube of mascara a week trying to get our lashes to stretch out to their fullest potential. Which usually ends up backfiring, leaving us with clumpy lashes, an empty tube of mascara, and a whole lot of disappointment.

However, lately there's been a total craze over eyelash extensions (aka the short-lashed girl's holy grail) and we're totally loving it. Lash extensions come in a ton of different lengths and textures, (synthetic, silk, mink, etc.) and are designed to make your lashes fuller, longer or both. They last quite a while and definitely save time so you don't have to put on falsies or apply a tube of mascara.

But the question always arises, "where can we get these luscious lashes?" Well, we're here to tell you. Here are 12 of the best places in Calgary to get full and fluttering lashes:

Doll'd Up // @dolldupyyc

Kimmie // @kaysbeauty___

J Lashes // @jlashes._

Coastal Bliss Day Spa // @coastalblissdayspa

Lavish Lashes // @lavishlashescalgary

FlutteRN Lashes // @flutternlashes.yyc

Lash Addict // @lashaddictyyc

Kirstin Bernard // @maxx_lash

Natalie Besmehn // @lashtempress

Bella Lashes // @bellalashesyyc

Glow Beauty // @glow1beauty

Lashes by Janique // @lashesbyjanique

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