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12 Calgarians Who Did Amazing Things In 2016

Our inspirational Calgarians!
12 Calgarians Who Did Amazing Things In 2016

2016 has been an eventful year for Calgary to say the least. We've had our fair share of tragedies this year that really hit our city hard. But before we officially brand 2016 as the "worst year ever",  let's take some time to take a look at and honour a few people and organizations in our city that have done absolutely amazing things this year.

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The amazing thing about Calgary is that we have such a great sense of community. There are so many of us working towards bettering our neighbourhoods, advocating for great causes, and making huge waves across the city. Just thinking about it lifts our spirits. Of course, we want to recognize the amazing and inspirational work and accomplishments of these Calgarians. Here are 12 Calgarians who did amazing things in 2016:

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Kaiya and Aiyanna Leonard La Couvée

Kaiya and Aiyana La Couvee are two inspiring Indigenous Calgarian sisters who have started the heartwarming project called, Footprints. The Footprints Project was created to raise awareness to the over 1200 missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada. The girls collected over 1,200 shoes this year and put them on display in Olympic Plaza to bring attention to the cause. You can learn more about "Footprints" at

Alexa Shipanoff

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Alexa Shipanoff is an artist and student at Alberta College of Art and Design that constructed an incredible art piece of a Christmas tree covered in feminine hygiene products which was placed outside the YWCA. The purpose of Alexa's piece is to shed light on the high costs of feminine hygiene products and encourage those who can to give back and help provide feminine hygiene products for those who cannot afford them. To support Alexa's cause, you can donate feminine hygiene products to women's/homeless shelters across Calgary.

Tressa Lusty & Amber Storozynsky

Tressa Lusty and Amber Storozynsky are two Calgary women who began a clothing drive in order to collect winter clothing for our city's homeless. As winter approaches and temperatures drop - it becomes a very difficult time for those who are unable to acquire proper winter attire. Tressa and Amber recognized this and were able to collect over 25 bins and garbage bags of winter items and gift cards through their clothing drive. These kindhearted women handed the clothing out to those who are less fortunate in our city and donated the rest to homeless shelters throughout the city.

Local Laundry

Local Laundry is a Calgary-based clothing brand that creates amazing pieces of city-themed attire. Local Laundry gives 10% of their profits back to the community and local charities. This year Local Laundry has been on a mission to raise $1 million for local charities. They've done so much for the community such as donated 50 pieces of clothing to the Calgary Drop-In, donated $350 to Calgary's Women In Need Society (WINS), $500 to Kids Cancer Care and so much more. Local Laundry shows how important it is to give back to your community and how easy it can be by doing little things like shopping locally. To support Local Laundry, simply visit and purchase a piece of their rad streetwear!

Willy Snypes & CBME

Willy Snypes is a recording artist, producer, DJ, and personal trainer who gave back this year by "Feeding the Block" here in Calgary. Willy and his music label, Corner Boy Music Entertainment (CBME) began their inspiring "Feed the Block" project last year which lends a helping hand to family's in need during the holiday season and spreads holiday cheer.

Mike Peace

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Mike Peace is a Calgarian tattoo artist and owner of Parlour Tattoo Studio who gave back to the community in the greatest way. Mike was holding a contest for a free tattoo for every donation he received for the Veterans Food Bank. His amazing contest ran until December 17th and rang in tons of donations for the Veterans Food Bank.

Arnaud Nimenya, James Hielema, Starlyn Rivas-Perez and Carsyn Wright

Arnaud, James, Starlyn, and Carsyn are local Calgarians that showed an incredible act of heroism and kindness this year by stopping a Calgary woman from being sexually assaulted. They were honoured at the Chief's Awards Gala early this year for their extreme bravery and acts of courage.

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