The happiest girls have the prettiest nails. Or that's just what I hear, anyway. But how could it not be true? What's better than a fresh manicure? However, I've always been one to insist I could do my own nails at home... the nails on my right hand beg to differ. Once you experience the nail perfection of getting a manicure, you feel like a whole new woman.

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Calgary's nail, spa & beauty industry really has some of the best in the game. And obviously, everyone deserves a mani done by the best. If you're looking to step up your nail game, try something new and wild, or keep it simple and classy, Calgary's nail techs have got you covered. Check out these 12 Calgary nail artists that are guaranteed to give you the best nails on the block.

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Mint Nail Lounge // 228 - 5149 Country Hills Blvd NW

Nikki Marie Toth // @nikkis_nails_

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Coastal Bliss // @coastalblissdayspa

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Coral Webster // @corals.claws

Jeannelle // @jeannelles_gels

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Mia // @thenailroomyyc

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Fortune Nails // @fortunenails

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Regal Nails // @regalnailsalon

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Sammie // @sammiesnails

Mai/Linh // @esnail_calgary

Mandy // @nailz_by_mandy

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Vanessa // @beautybyvanessa_