12 Rooftop Patios In Calgary To Hit Up With Your BFF This Spring

Patio season is here!
12 Rooftop Patios In Calgary To Hit Up With Your BFF This Spring

The snow is melting and spring is finally here! Time to bring out the open-toed shoes, the sundresses and most importantly, the rooftop patios. We can finally sip our sangrias and other cocktails in the sun and not have to worry about a massive blizzard interrupting your brunch. ...Okay, it is still Calgary - so let's knock on wood about that one.

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We spend most of the year in the snow just waiting for the sun to come out and warm up enough that we can go out and enjoy ourselves. So far, Calgary has been having some major rooftop patio-worthy weather. So, before the weather decides to change its mind, grab your girl(s) and check out some of Calgary's must-visit rooftop patios.

Side note: Rooftop patios open and close during the spring depending on the restaurant and the weather. Be sure to ask your server!

Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant (McKenzie Towne Location) //  100 - 11 McKenzie Towne Ave SW

If you're looking for a more quiet and peaceful rooftop patio, Brewster's Mackenzie Towne location is the perfect place for you. Sip a beer and enjoy the sun in a totally relaxing environment!

Sho Sushi // 7212 Macleod Trail SE

Sushi on a rooftop? Yes, please! What more could you ask for? Sho Sushi on Macleod Trail has an amazing rooftop for you to enjoy your sashimi.

Charbar // 618 Confluence Way SW

Charbar made their big rooftop patio bar reveal on top of Simmons Limited last year and it was ah-mazing! If you missed out, this spring is the perfect time to check it out and get the perfect view of downtown Calgary while sipping a mimosa!

Double Zero Pizza // Chinook Centre Location

Double Zero's Chinook Location provides you with a lovely [semi] rooftop patio that gives you a nice view of Macleod Trail. No to mention, their patio has heat lamps! Never be bothered by the wind again.

National on 8th // 360 - 225 7 Ave SW

National is where the party is! Ntnl's famous rooftop beer garden is the place to be this spring and everyone knows it.

The Pint // 1428 17 Ave SW

The Pint offers a beautiful rooftop patio on 17th Ave that'll totally give you those spring/summer vibes. It's decorated with gorgeous flowers and lights. Pretty places for pretty girls, am I right ladies?

Vin Room // 2310 4th St SW

Wine lovers, this rooftop patio is for you! Vin Room's Mission location has a lovely rooftop patio for you and your girls to enjoy their large selection of wine! ...and an even larger glass of wine.

1410 World Bier Haus // 1410 17 Ave SW

1410 World Bier Haus has an awesome rooftop patio (and bar!) that'll keep you and your BFF having a good time all day. [and all night!]

Windsor Rose // 530 - 151 Walden Gate SE

Windsor Rose Gastropub in Walden has a beautiful rooftop patio fully equipped with a bar and firepit. If that's not rooftop patio heaven, I don't know what is!

National on 10th // 341 - 10 Ave SW

Full house at National on 8th? Well, you're in luck because National on 10th also has a rooftop patio - and let me tell you, after the party is the after-party. [Ntnl on 10th is the after-party.]

Rylie's Cattle Barn // 263 - 200 Southridge Dr

Heading into goodol' Okotoks? Visit Rylie's Cattle Barn for some good ol' country food and music and an even better rooftop patio!

Oak Tree Tavern // 124 - 10 Ave NW

Twinkle lights all night! Oak Tree Tavern offers you the most peaceful and elegant dining experience with their adorable string-light lit rooftop patio. A perfect place for a classy night out with your BFF!

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