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12 Things To Do With Your BFFs In Calgary If You're Single AF

Summer is coming, and it seems like all your friends are shacking up. You, however, are not the relationship type, so while you're friends are out Instagraming cute pics with their boo's, you're at home binge-watching Netflix. Again.

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There's no shame in that though. Maybe you really needed to watch The Office, or Grey's Anatomy for the third time. We get it. Lucky for you though, we came up with a bomb list that will get you out of the house, with no need for a significant other. Grab your best friend so she can snap cute candids of you, and conquer Calgary.

1. Go dancing with the girls.

Whether you're into Commonwealth or Cowboys, something about getting out and going dancing will almost automatically cheer you up.

2. Check out the Glenbow Museum. 

If you're in the mood to be inspired, head over to the Glenbow and check out some super cool exhibits all year round.

3. Go to a dog park.

Who needs a boyfriend when you've got a dog, amirite? Even if you don't have a dog you can walk around and admire other people's pooches to make you smile.

4. Catch a movie at The Plaza Theatre. 

Bring your bestie for a cute movie date, or go solo.

5. Go stargazing at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory.

Can you think of a cuter date to take yourself on? Spend a summer night admiring the stars and the universe.

6. Take art classes at the Grasby Art Studio.

This is always a fun way to release stress, or bring out your inner creativity.

7. Go for patio drinks.

Calgary has so many of the cutest patios, so you'll never run out of new spots to sit back and sip.

8. Go roller skating at Lloyd's Rollersports Centre.

Although this is a cute date idea, it's also a fun place to go with your best friends.

9. Do an impromptu photoshoot with your friends.

Calgary is full of hidden gems that make amateur photoshoots look professional.

10. Take a hike in Fish Creek Park. 

In the mood to hike, but don't want to leave Calgary? Check out the trails in Fish Creek for a mini adventure in the city.

11. Treat yourself to something sweet at Made By Marcus. 

Undeniably some of the best ice cream in Calgary. The best way to spend a summer afternoon, no matter who with.

12. Check out a street festival or night market.

Tasty treats, amazing vendors, and live music. All of our favorite things combined.

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