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13 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Life In Calgary

Calgary is known for a lot of things, including bad drivers, crazy people, and even worse weather. If we're being honest, though, Calgs just wouldn't be the same without all of that.

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Lucky for us, the craziness that happens around Calgary makes certain memes that much more relatable. If you've ever been cut off in traffic, or have seen someone you've been ghosting in public, you'll definitely find this list funny:

Don't even argue with me about how true this is hahahahhahhaha.

If I had a dollar for every Snapchat story I've seen of someone pulled over on Deerfoot, I would be able to pay off a couple speeding tickets tbh.

Driving in Calgary seems nerve-wracking, until you learn to drive like more of an asshole than everyone else.

Sometimes I go out in public solely to witness awkward interactions between people who've been ghosted, if we're being honest. 

Raise your hand if you'd rather pay for parking downtown than parallel park. 🙋

This one is right up there with the "buy me pizza and touch my butt" bio. Don't do it. 😂

*goes to Chasing Summer once*

When all your hot Tinder matches are far far away from YYC.

This isn't even just a BMW thing, it's a Calgary thing. I feel like it's more shameful to honk at someone for not signalling than it is to not signal.

Hopefully this doesn't give you war flashbacks to last Winter. Not only is Calgary cold, but it's also dry af. No bueno.

Any foreign kid in a white suburban school will get this one. It's cringe-worthy watching substitutes try to pronounce anything with more than three syllables.

I'm convinced that cracking a cold one open with the boys originated among Alberta hockey boys. 

It seems like all millennials in Calgary know one another, so the new Snapchat update makes it super obvious when you're being left out of the loop.

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