If there's something about Albertans, it's that we absolutely love travel. Whether it's within our own province or throughout our beautiful country or even overseas, we just love to explore and admire how surreal and pretty the world can be. On almost every Albertans Instagram, there's probably a picture of them somewhere in the mountains, on a hike or in Banff, Waterton or Jasper. We just can't get enough of the Canadian Rockies.

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However, traveling can often be hard - finding the time, (or the more pressing matter for us broke af students, the money) to constantly go out and view our gorgeous province can really get in the way of all of our wanderlust. But we have some seriously amazing Instagrammers that basically explore the world for us, so we can live vicariously through them. Now, this could either be motivational and satisfying or just make your already severe case of wanderlust even worse. And if it's the latter... well, I'll apologize in advance.

If you're a total travel addict, that isn't always able to travel - check out these IG pages that'll give you a serious case of wanderlust:


Blake Holtsbaum // @whaleliamblake

Blake Holtsbaum is a Calgary local that shares his travel adventures through his insanely beautifully photographed images on his Instagram account. Blake takes you throughout Canada and beyond and will leave you counting your nickels and booking your next flight to...well, wherever he is!

via @johnthetravelingbear

John Plett the Bear // @johnthetravellingbear

While John may rep an England tee, he's totally at home in Canada. This rad bear's Instagram page takes you with him on his journeys and fun adventures throughout Canada with his friends (like Simon the Lion and Maurice the Monkey)! We don't quite know where John the Bear is originally from, but he does spend an awful lot of time exploring the beautiful Canadian Rockies and the streets of Edmonton, Alberta. So as far as we know, he could be a proud Albertan.


Jason Petersson // @jsn.ptrsn

Jason Petersson is a Calgary native, avid traveller and co-founder of @enjoycanada. His posts consist of amazing photos of both people and landscapes across Canada. His Instagram account definitely reminds us why we love our country so much.

via @mhwkphotography


All of the lights, all of the lights! @mhwkphotography's Instagram page is filled with beautiful images of Alberta's northern lights. Breathtakingly beautiful.

via @caitlingodber

Caitlin Godber // @caitlingodber

If you love snow, mountains, and snowboarding, Caitlin Godber is an Instagrammer you want to follow. She is basically a constant reminder that you would rather be hitting the slopes.

via @westinlife

Wesley Fortin // @westinlife


Wesley Fortin is a Grande Prairie-based photographer who's Instagram is an insane beautiful portrayal of his travel adventures. From the beauty of central/northern Alberta and beyond - his Instagram page showcases landscapes, scenery and the most beautiful parts of cities.

Mike Seehagel // @mikeseehagel


Mike Seehagel is a Calgary based photographer who's Instagram will definitely intensify that travel itch. With photos from all over Alberta and beyond, Mike Seehagel will have you planning your next hike in no time.

Sage Spyker // @toolongontheroad


Sage Spyker's Instagram is filled with amazing images of her travel adventures. She takes us along with her on her journey enjoying Alberta's beauty and more! Totally filled with wanderlust right now.

Hatif // @hat.if


Hatif is an insanely talented Calgary-based student and photographer.

Alix Linaker // @alixlinaker

Alix Linaker is a Calgarian who has an expansive travel instagram that features many landscape and city shots from outside Calgary and around Alberta. Her account takes you with her on her many travel adventures around the world.

via @juhniecey

Jennyce Hoffman // @juhniecey


Alright, let's be real.

Jonathon Smith // @jssight


Jonathon Smith is a Calgary-based photographer that has a true eye for beauty. His Instagram page consists of a mix of his photos featuring models and landscapes from his travels and adventures.

Jake Finnan // @jake.finnan

Jake Finnan is the insanely rad adventure photographer we all wish we were. His photos capture surreal shots of Alberta's beauty and leaves you wanting to quit your job, pack your bags, and hit the open road to adventure.


Gary Clennan // @gary.clennan

Gary Clennan is an insane landscape and travel photographer. He features many photos in the Canadian Rockies and around Canada that just leave you totally stuck with that travel bug.

Co-Written By: Delainey Lockett