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14 Bucket List Bakeries Every True Calgarian Needs To Visit

Your baked goods addiction starts here.

Beware: This article contains enough food porn to cause weight gain just by reading it. But totally worth it.

Calgary has an insane bakery scene. We have an abundance of cafes and bakeries all around the city that make the most delicious pastries in... dare I say it, the entire province. Our bakers mean serious business when it comes to the baked goods in YYC and believe me, you do not want to miss out.

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This article is here to change Calgarian lives. In case you are new to the city or you are one of those oh-so-wrong people who are completely fine with getting box cookies from a grocery store... don't worry. I'm here to help you taste the freshness, deliciousness, and authenticity of Calgarian baked goods. Because once you go Calgarian-baked, you'll never go back.

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Crave Cookies and Cupcakes // 1107 Kensington Rd NW

If you've spent time in the Calgary area, you've most likely heard of Crave Cookies and Cupcakes. And you've probably heard all the hype about it as well. Let me tell you, the hype is so deserved because this bake shop is literally baked good heaven.

Crave Must-Try: Crave-O-Licious Cupcake

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Jelly Modern Doughnuts // 1414 8 St SW

I donut know how to express the tastiness of the doughnuts at Jelly Modern Doughnuts! I've never been much of a donut gal, but I will tell you that Jelly Modern turned me into a nice ol' Homer Simpson. You cannot get enough of these delicious donuts.

Jelly Modern Must-Try: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

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Ollia Macarons & Tea // 810C 16th Ave SW

Every macaron lover needs to visit Ollia Macarons & Tea. Their macarons have the most delicious flavours and fillings that'll leave you wanting more. Basically the ultimate pastry.

Ollia Must-Try: Cotton Candy Macaron

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Pretty Sweet // @prettysweetco

The donuts from Pretty Sweet will definitely fill any donut hole you have in your life. Pretty Sweet donuts are custom made and definitely give you that warm, home-baked feeling. One bite will have you ordering these donuts by the dough-zen.

Pretty Sweet Must-Try: Chocolate Pretzel Donuts

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Brown Sugar Bake Shop // #109 - 235 Milligan Drive

Brown Sugar Bake Shop is cupcake heaven. These delicious cupcakes are made from scratch daily and will probably turn you into a cupcake addict, but that's totally okay. The hardest part is deciding on which cupcake to order... (hint: all of them.)

Brown Sugar Must-Try: Skor Cupcake

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Yum Yum Mini Donuts // 9950 Macleod Trail SE #119

Mini Donuts are a Calgarian favourite and we always go through mini-donut withdrawals when it isn't Stampede season. Well, lucky for us, Yum Yum Mini Donuts has saved us all - so we can enjoy delicious mini doughnuts all year around.

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Yann Haute Patisserie // 329 - 23 Avenue SW

Yann Haute Patisserie does pastries like no other. From delicious cakes and cupcakes to macarons and cookies - Yann Haute Patisserie will give you an experience to remember.

Yann Haute Must-Try: Coconut & Chocolate Macarons

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Lazy Loaf & Kettle // 8 Parkdale Cres NW

Lazy Loaf & Kettle is a Calgary go-to for cookie lovers. If you're not satisfied with regular ol' cookies - you need to try the massive ones at Lazy Loaf & Kettle. A cookie the size of your head. Their cupcakes are also to die for.

Lazy Loaf Must-Try: Massive M&M Cookies

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Ohh La La Patisserie // 8561 8A Ave SW #3118

Ohh La La Patisserie is the perfect place in Calgary for baked goods like your grandmother used to make. From cinnabrioches and croissants to cakes and macarons, Ohh La La will definitely give you that homestyle baking you're so desperately searching for.

Ohh La La Must-Try: Cinnabrioches

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Glamorgan Bakery // 3919 Richmond Rd SW

Glamorgan Bakery is known for their amazing doughnuts. If you've never had a Texas Doughnut from Glamorgan, you are missing out, my friend.

Glamorgan Must-Try: Texas Doughnuts

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Sugarstone Bakery // @sugarstoneyyc

"Where sugar meets art." Sugarstone Bakery doesn't only make delicious specialty cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts and more - but they also create the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing baked goods ever. I swear, Instagram will love this.

Sugarstone Must-Try: Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

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Sidewalk Citizen Bakery // 618 Confluence Way SE

What is a list of delicious Calgarian bakeries without Sidewalk Citizen? All I can say is, their insanely tasty chocolate croissants will bless you in more ways than one.

Sidewalk Citizen Must-Try: Chocolate Croissants

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Sugar Shack Cakes & Bakery // 16 - 735 Ranchlands Blvd NW

Calling all cake lovers! Sugar Shack Cakes & Bakery is the place for you. Their beautiful cakes are almost too perfect to eat, but of course, we can't help ourselves.

Sugar Shack Must-Try: Salted Caramel Cheesecakes

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Eclair De Lune Patisserie & Catering // 1049 40 Ave NW

You know the pastries are top notch if the bakery is French! Eclair De Lune is a delicious patisserie that'll bring you the rich taste of France within their baked goods. Yum... Any French bakery/patisserie is great in my books.

Eclair De Lune Must-Try: Cherry Cream Cheese Strudel