Valentine's Day (or as some like to call it "Singles Awareness Day") is right around the corner and it's time to make some plans to celebrate the day of love. While some may think of this as the day where all the cute couples post nauseatingly cute photos of each other on the internet with lengthy, disgusting captions about how much they love them... I think that this is the day you appreciate the person you love the most, your best friend.

Think about it, you and your best friend are basically a couple (with restrictions, of course). They pretend to be your significant other when some random tries to get your number at the club. They are the first to like all your IG photos and comment on how great your butt looks in those jeans. They comfort you in the hardest times and they are your number one "Netflix and chill" partner. And you don't even have to fight over what to watch because you both have identical taste in movies and TV shows. You can finally keep up with the Kardashians without a single complaint.

And that's exactly why your best friend should be your Valentine this year. Who needs an actual significant other when your true soulmate is probably somewhere in your house eating all your food and making conversation with your mother. Here are a few super cute things to do in Calgary with your BFF this Valentine's Day.

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Treat yourselves to a spa day or get pampered with a couple's massage

Get a little "Magic Mike" in your lives at Boudoir Rouge.

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Enjoy a fancy and somewhat romantic dinner at Model Milk.

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Hit up Paint Nite because nothing is more fun than drunk art with your best friend.

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Do brunch (aka the best meal of the day) at Vendome Cafe.

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Unleash your sexy with pole dancing classes at PoleJunkies.

Visit Calgary's most adorable coffee shops together.

Indulge in some deliciousness at Blanco Cantina.

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Get drunk and belt out some "Don't Stop Believin'" at Galaxy Karaoke.

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Be nauseatingly adorable and share a heart-shaped pizza from Pizza Hut.

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Go on an adventure/road trip together through the most beautiful places in Alberta.

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Get a sugar rush with The Street Eatery.

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Hit up a movie theatre and cry at all the chick flicks.

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Round up the crew and find a bar or club to get drunk off your asses at. ANTI-VALENTINES DAY PARTY!

But please, please don't drunk text your exes.