14 Unique Places To Study In Calgary So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

Don't let midterm szn get the best of you.
14 Unique Places To Study In Calgary So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

We're in the midst of October, so that means midterms are upon us. October to November is easily the hardest time of year for a lot of students. We're swamped with group projects, midterms, papers, and studying for upcoming finals. With all of the never-ending craziness going around us, it's difficult to maintain a social life.

No matter how busy you get though, it's always important to take time for yourself and take frequent breaks. I'm not saying that it's a good idea to go on a 3-day bender when you have an essay due on Monday, but a night out to take a break from studying probably won't kill you, especially if you're in dire need of some stress relief.

Everyone studies differently, whether you're a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learner, there's no wrong way to study, it's just a matter of finding what works for you. If you find you can't study in a public place, or with a group of friends, it may be harder for you to maintain your social life, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

If you're a real master at studying, you'll already know that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too; sometimes it's just a matter of finding the perfect study spot where you can chill with your friends and get outside, while still getting shit done. If you're looking to get away from your desk for awhile, grab your study group and hit up one of these super cool study spots:

Shisha Bars

Coffee Shops


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Shisha Bars

Quavado Restolounge // 617 11 Ave SW

Just a short walk from the 4th Street C-Train station, Quavado is the perfect chill spot to study with your friends. The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxed, and the seating is cozy and comfortable. They serve food and drinks so you can eat while you study.

Arabesque Hookah & Restaurant // 1415 17 Ave SW

The interior of Arabesque is beautifully decorated, and it's super comfortable. My roommates and I frequent this place late at night to work on assignments and hang out. The music can be quite loud, so if you're easily distracted I wouldn't recommend it, but if you can handle the noise, definitely check it out.

RIOT on VIII // 112B 8th Ave SW

Home of the $10 Shisha. Riot is super popular, so again, if you can't work with noise, maybe don't come here to study. They serve gourmet burgers and fresh desserts to keep your stomach and your brain fuelled while you study.

Cafe Medina // 1004 1st St SW

Cafe Medina is another great late night study spot. It's relatively chill and relaxed, the only catch is that it's mandatory to order a drink, whether you're smoking or not.

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Coffee Shops

Analog Coffee // 740 17th Ave SW

Analog is definitely recognized as one of Calgary's most popular hipster hangouts. Their menu is full of super unique and tasty options, and treats supplied by Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. It can be crowded at times, but Analog definitely has a very homey and cozy feel, perfect for hitting the books.

Higher Ground // 1126 Kensington Rd NW

It's rare to find a cafe that's open late, but Higher Ground stays open until 11 p.m. or midnight every night to fuel those late night study sessions. It's located in Kensington, which every Calgarian knows is one of the most hip neighbourhoods in the city.

Kawa Espresso Bar // 1333 8 St SW

Kawa is another great late night option, open until either 11 p.m. or midnight. The cafe is well lit and decorated, giving it a super homey and comfortable atmosphere. Their matcha lattes are a fan favourite if you're looking for some caffeine to get you through your study sesh.

The Odyssey Coffeehouse // 1301 16th Ave NW

If you're a student at SAIT, or you just happen to find yourself on campus, head to Odyssey. They're open until 4 or 6 p.m., so it's a great place for an after-class study session, or to grab some coffee before you hit the library.

Caffe Beano // 1613 9 St SW

Another one of Calgary's hipster hangouts, Caffe Beano is a great place for people watching, or getting shit done, if you can handle a bit of background noise. They don't have WiFi, which can be a problem if you require internet access, but also could be convenient if you're looking to disconnect and avoid distractions.

Euphoria Cafe // 5403 Crowchild Trail NW

If you're looking for somewhere a bit more lowkey, check out Euphoria. It has all the beauty and charm of the cafes you'll find in the trendier neighbourhoods, but it's a lot more quiet, which makes for easier study sessions.

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Riddell Library and Learning Centre // Mount Royal University

As an MRU Student myself, I definitely love to humble brag about how insane our new library is. Its layout is super spacious and modern; you'll forget you're actually in a library. It's a great place to study with friends or solo.

Memorial Park Library // 1221 2 St SW

Not only is the library itself aesthetically beautiful, the outside surrounding area is as well. If it's not too cold, spend some time studying outside, but when winter hits, enjoy the beauty from behind closed doors.

Fish Creek Public Library // 11161 Bonaventure Drive SE

If the beautiful architecture isn't enough to draw you win, the atmosphere will. The Fish Creek library provides plenty of comfy couches for you to sit back and relax while you prep for your upcoming exams.

Taylor Family Digital Library // University of Calgary

UofC students also love to brag about their library, and I'd say they have plenty of reasons to. Not only is it beautifully designed, it's open 24/7, so if you ever need to get some late night cramming done, you know where to go.

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