Just about every couple knows the all too real struggle that comes along with deciding where to eat. The infamous "I don't know, you pick" is probably the number one cause of disagreements in millenial's relationships. Imagine, if you will, a world where you and bae can pick from a bucket list of great restaurants around Calgary so you can stop arguing and start eating. 

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Lucky for you, we came up with a list of 15 great eats around YYC that cater to everyone's tastes, so you can save yourself some drama. Once you've conquered the list, hopefully you can rid the words "you pick" from your vocabulary. 

1. OEB Breakfast Co // 2 Locations in Calgary

The most important meal of the day. Plus, what's cuter than a breakfast date in the middle of the afternoon?

2. Una Pizza + Wine // 618 17th Ave SW

There's no better combination. Sip some wine on the patio while you enjoy some California-style pizza.

3. Big Catch Sushi // 7711 Macleod Trail

If you're a sushi fan, this is the place for you. The plates are literally almost too cute to eat and the selection is huge, so there's something for everyone.

4. The Coup // 924 17th Ave SW

For all the vegetarian couples out there. Perfect for any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with an incredible selection.

5. NOtaBLE // 4611 Bowness Road NW

Dedicated to serving great food. NOtaBLE is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday.

6. Anju Restaurant // 344 17th Ave SW

Korean food with a modern twist. Anju literally translates to "food you eat with alcohol", so you already know this place is worth going to.

7. Laurier Lounge // 1111 7 Street SW

Authentic French Canadian food outside of Montreal. The perfect place for a brunch date with bae.

8. Seoul Korean BBQ // 4336 Macleod Trail SW

All you can eat Korean BBQ 7 days a week? What could be better?

9. Without Papers Pizza // 1216 9th Ave SE

One of Calgary's cutest pizza places in one of Calgary's cutest neighbourhoods. Without papers offers a great selection of pizza and other tasty menu items.

10. Crave Cookies and Cupcakes // Various Locations in Calgary

Cure your sweet tooth. Not only does Crave offer delicious treats for you and your lover, but they also offer baking classes and events, if you're looking for a cute date idea.

11. Ship & Anchor Pub // 534 17th Ave SW

If you're in the mood for pub food, look no further. Ship & Anchor is a great place to watch sporting events, or enjoy the weather with a cold drink on the patio.

12. Fiasco Gelato // 221 19th Street SE

Tired of the same old frozen yogurt and ice cream dates? Check out Fiasco Gelato for a new sweet treat.

13. Chianti Cafe & Restaurant // Various Locations in Calgary

Authentic Italian food at a great price. The perfect date night for two poor uni students waiting on student loans.

14. Clive Burger // 736 17th Ave SW

Not only is this restaurant super cute, it's also super delicious. Not quite gourmet, and not quite fast food, Clive is the perfect in-between place to take a date.

15. Model Milk // 308 17th Ave SW

Innovative comfort food is what Model Milk is all about. The restaurant itself is also super cute, making it a great place for date night.