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16 Calgary Work From Home Jobs That Are Hiring Right Now

With the current state of affairs, many people are finding themselves without employment. Whether you're out of a job or looking for a change, you're not alone. Right now, there are tons of jobs in Calgary that allow you to work from the comfort of your living room. We managed to find several Calgary work from home jobs that are unique and interesting, like you. Start setting up that in-home office. 

With officials asking the community to social distance, there are tons of jobs around Calgary that are looking to hire ASAP.

From tutoring to marketing, you may want to start sprucing up that resume of yours. Altogether, we found 16 jobs around Calgary that are hiring right now. 

With full-time to part-time employment options, these jobs are all different, and all require a particular set of skills. With the uniqueness of each, there is bound to be at least one on the list that is right for you. 

All of the jobs can be easily applied for online. We recommend applying as soon as you can. Once word gets out, these jobs could be gone fast. 

If you love wearing sweatpants and staying in your home as much as we do, you should probably join the work from home club right away. 

PR Manager - Video Games 

Salary: $50,000 - $75,000

Company: Evolve PR Inc.

Why You Should Apply: This job will have you in charge of the PR team for Evolve PR Inc. All those years of playing Sims may have paid off because you’ll need strong leadership skills and knowledge of tech, video games, and media.

Marketing Consultant 

Salary: $15 - $20 an hour

Company: Green Space

Why You Should Apply: Marketing and technology sales is always busy, so be prepared to work hard. It’s not traditional door-to-door sales as you will get to work from home. We consider that a win.

Pathology Medical Transcriptionist 

Company: Nuance Transcription Services Canada

Why You Should Apply: This job is hiring ASAP. Working here will mean you are required to commit to converting 3,000 lines of transcription per week. Compensation will be based on the quality of work and the amount of work produced.

Lawyer - Online Legal Instructor 

Company: LearnFormula

Why You Should Apply: This job has work from home opportunities, so don’t worry about always having to head into an office. As an instructor, you will teach courses while collecting revenue and CPD hours all at the same time.

Software Developer 

Company: INOVA Geophysical Inc.

Why You Should Apply: This permanent position will have you developing new software features, doing system testing and validation, and modifying existing software. While there is work from home opportunities, there will be the need to head into an office from time to time.

Physician - Telemedicine Candidate 

Salary: $110 per hour

Company: DocTalkGo

Why You Should Apply: Founded in 2009, this Telehealth coverage has tons of specialists, including family medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, urology, and emergency care. This job is all about helping people, and you will be in charge of working six or more hours a week on the platform.

English Tutor

Salary: $22 - $27 an hour

Company: Qkids

Why You Should Apply: With Qkids, you will be in charge of teaching two English lessons a day for six months. The job is hiring immediately, so apply as soon as you can.

Virtual Administrative Assistant 

Company: PwC

Why You Should Apply: With this job, you’ll be focused on using the company's software applications to prepare reports, receive calls and emails, arrange business travel, and coordinate meetings. And you can do it all from the comfort of your living room.

Associate Editor 

Company: JM Photography

Why You Should Apply: If you find yourself with Lightroom and Photoshop skills, then this job could be for you. This position is mostly working from home, but there may be some studio work required.

Customer Care Agent 

Company: Allstate Canada

Why You Should Apply: This work from home job will have you working with hundreds of Allstate customers. Needless to say, you won’t ever be bored.

Overnight Tutor Managers 

Salary: $40,000 - $42,000 a year

Company: Paper

Why You Should Apply: This Monday to Friday position will have you teaching either maths and science or English and social science. This job comes with tons of benefits, including dental, vision, and vacation time.


Salary: $40,000 - $60,000 a year

Company: StyleLabs Inc.

Why You Should Apply: If you love storytelling and are great at communicating, then a job in journalism might be for you. You will be creating blogs, articles, tag lines, and general social content for clients, and every day will be filled with something new.

Social Media Content Creator/Blogger 

Company: Alberta Hardwood Flooring

Why You Should Apply: This part-time role is for all you social media savvy people out there. From generating story ideas to managing social media accounts, you will be in charge of all behind the scenes tech.


Company: Evans Hunt

Why You Should Apply: Here you'll be dividing your time between home and office as you see fit. If you have always been good with words and can type fast, then this career may be for you.

UI Designer 

Salary: $20 an hour


Why You Should Apply: Your duties will be to design visually appealing UI for mobile reports. You’ll need experience developing with Android, embedded systems, cryptocurrencies, and software development.

Digital Marketing Project Manager & Writer / Email Response

Salary: $15 - $20 an hour

Company: SNAPP Technologies

Why You Should Apply: This job is all about writing. Your job will be to manage a team that researches contact information and correlates mail reach outs to websites. The wonderful part is that no previous experience is required.

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