Calgary has an extensive food scene. It just keeps on growing with new restaurant openings all year long. We have an amazing selection of restaurants and food joints that honestly might have the most delicious and flavourful dishes Calgary has ever tasted.

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However, there are SO many restaurants in Calgary, we barely even know where to start! Do we even have enough lifetime stomach space for this? While we would recommend starting a bucket list of every single restaurant in the entire city, we had to narrow it down to a few important ones that everyone just has to go to at least once:

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Pampa // 521 10th Avenue SW

If you're a die-hard carnivore in Calgary and you've never been to Pampa, you haven't lived, my friend. This Brazilian restaurant offers you possibly the best all-you-can eat meat in the city.

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Divino's // 113 8th Avenue SW

If you live in Calgary, you may have heard of Divino's Wine and Cheese Bistro. This restaurant made it's home in Calgary in 1984. Serving delicious mains, wine, and cheese in a classy, intimate environment.

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The Lake House // 747 Lake Bonavista Drive

Fine dining with a gorgeous view. One of Calgary's most beautiful restaurants, situated right on Lake Bonavista. At The Lake House, the food and the view are to die for.

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Blink // 111 8th Avenue SW

Blink is a beautiful restaurant right on Stephen Avenue. The restaurant has a gorgeous modern interior and is accompanied by mouth-watering dishes which are clearly made by culinary geniuses. Every Calgarian should visit Blink at least once!

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La Chaumiere // 139 17 Ave SW

Indulge in a taste of Paris at this gorgeous French Restaurant on 17th Ave. La Chaumiere opened in 1978 and is known for is fine wines and delicious and extravagant dishes and desserts. This is definitely a restaurant everyone needs to go to.

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Teatro // 200 8th Avenue SE

If you spend time downtown, you've probably seen or been to Teatro Ristorante. Calgary has been the home to this restaurant for 20 years. This restaurant possesses fine wines and large selection of delicious main dishes and a six-course chef tasting menu!

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Rouge // 1240 8th Avenue SE

Rouge is one of Calgary's most lovely scenic restaurants. During the summer months, Rouge opens up their backyard garden for an incredible dining experience in nature. Their extensive menu offers many delicious lunch and dinner options that'll give you the perfect taste of YYC.

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River Cafe // 25 Prince's Island Park

River Cafe is a very popular restaurant amongst Calgarians. It could possibly be due to it's amazing location, right in the heart of the gorgeous Prince's Island Park. This restaurant provides you with a gorgeous view in a super cute interior all year around.

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Sky360 // Calgary Tower

Of course, we can't forget about Sky360. If you live in Calgary, you know of the insane revolving restaurant right inside Calgary Tower. Everyone needs to visit this restaurant at least once and enjoy the true beauty of the city. Doesn't get more Calgarian than this!

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Bonterra // 1016 8th Street SW

This beautiful garden-themed restaurant on 8th Street is a Calgary restaurant must-stop. Bonterra Traitorra is one of Calgary's most divine Italian restaurants. You're missing out if you haven't tried a dish from this YYC Restaurant.

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Avec Bistro // 550 11th Ave SW # 105

If you're looking for fine dining in a laid back environment, visit Avec Bistro on 11th. With tons of wine selections, you'll definitely be wanting to call this restaurant home.

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NOtaBLE // 4611 Bowness Road

This restaurant has it's name for a reason. NOtaBLE is the perfect place to get a mouth-watering gourmet meal in a modern setting. Definitely notable.

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Ox and Angela // 528 17th Avenue SW

Add a lil' Spanish flair to your life at Ox and Angela. You can't deprive yourself of this Spanish culinary experience!

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Anju // 344 17th Avenue SW

If you're in search of some real good Korean food in your life, look no further. Anju Restaurant & Lounge is here to satisfy your tastebuds. Anju is definitely a recommendation for seafood and sushi lovers.

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Mercato // 5000 - 873 85th Street SW

You cannot miss out on Mercato. This restaurant is has menu items that'll completely blow you away. From delicious ribs and steaks to cool alcoholic drinks to amp up your night, Mercato is the YYC restaurant experience that everyone deserves.

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Catch & the Oyster Bar // 100 8th Avenue SE

Catch is seafood-lover paradise. Catch and the Oyster Bar is basically an endless amount of perfectly seasoned seafood. From oysters to crab, you'll be licking your fingers for about 4-6 business days.