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160 People Had To Be Airlifted Off A Mountain In Alberta After A Skytram Malfunction Left Them Stranded

This has to be one of the craziest things ever to happen in one of Canada's national parks.
160 People Had To Be Airlifted Off A Mountain In Alberta After A Skytram Malfunction Left Them Stranded

If there’s one place you don’t want to get stuck unprepared it’s on the top of a mountain.

But that’s exactly what happened to over 150 people in Alberta’s Jasper National Park this week, who had to be rescued by helicopter.

So how did all of these people come to be stuck at the top of a mountain and unable to get down on their own? 

Normally if you’re at the top of a mountain it means you hiked or climbed your way up there and should be able to get down on your own.

But these people took a skytram to the top of the peak, meaning they didn’t have any hiking equipment with them.

So when the skytram suddenly stopped working due to a storm in the area causing it to have power surges about 160 people were all stranded at the top with no way of getting down on their own.   

That’s when Jasper Skytram and Parks Canada began to coordinate a helicopter rescue of the people stuck at the top.  

Staff apparently did a great job at making sure people got off the mountain safe. 

We are an English family of five, visiting from London, and we were the last family to be evacuated from the mountain last night by helicopter. It was a scary experience but we are really thankful to the staff for how well they handled the situation.

June 27, 2018

Unfortunately for some, it became too dark for the helicopter to safely continue and about 50 people had to spend the night on the top of the mountain before being rescued in the morning. 

The people left at the top were given pillows, blankets, food and drink so they could spend the night in relative comfort.   

Apparently, no one complained about having to spend the night sleeping on the top of a mountain and no one suffered any injuries through the night.

That’s certainly a camping experience you wouldn’t forget. 

Source:Global News

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