17 Calgary Clubs To Go To According To Your Music Taste

Kick it with the right crowd.
17 Calgary Clubs To Go To According To Your Music Taste

One thing many people might not know about Calgary is that it has an extensive nightlife. To many our nightlife often comes off as very small and only accommodating to those who eat, sleep and breathe country. But I promise you, that is certainly not the case.

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Calgary's club/bar scene really has a place for everyone, it can just be a little hard to find sometimes. Especially if you're new to the city or new to the party life. (shout out to our freshly turned 18-year-olds!) So, let this article be a guide to your YYC club hopping and keep you from making the mistake of paying a $15 cover to a club or bar who's DJ takes pride in their constant ABBA playlists. (No offense to the ABBA fans!)

The Top 40's Lover

You probably listen to the radio and love the Top 40's. "Closer" by The Chainsmokers may or may not have been your jam at some point. You're mainstream AF and you don't give one. You probably know the words to almost every song that comes on 90.3 FM or Virgin Radio. If this sounds like you, you'll probably have a great time at the following clubs/bars:

The Country Gal/Guy

You probably get more excited about Stampede than Christmas. No outfit is ever complete without a cowboy hat or boots with you. You love that country twang and get hype to anything Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood or Tim McGraw. You go out to two-step and chug a couple beers. Although you probably don't need any help with this one, here are a few bars and/or nightclubs that may tickle your fancy:

The Turn-Up Queen/King

You love hip-hop, rap, R&B and old school. You want to get down from everyone from Tupac & Biggie to Jay-Z & 'Ye to Migos & Future. You can't be stopped when "Bad and Boujee" comes on and lord, help 'em when you hear that "Cash Money Records takin' over for the 99 & 2000's!" If you're looking to turn all the way up, these are some Calgary bars and/or nightclubs that'll have you on your worst behaviour:

King/Queen of The Dancehall

Wah gwan! You love reggae, dancehall, and soca. You love that Jamaican riddim and you're down for any Caribbean party thrown in the city. You'll never miss a chance to give 'em that wine and "bruk off yuh back." Here a few places in the city to get down to everything from Bob Marley to Kranium. (And sometimes Drake, when he's feeling Jamaican.)

The Electronic Lover

EDM is your choice of poison. If there is any sight of a rave, you're so there. You love anything and everything from Deadmau5 to Steve Aoki. Here are a couple places where that'll bump your favorite EDM tunes.

The Rockers/Metalheads

You love rock 'n' roll. It's a classic genre that'll never die. You probably love everything from classic rock to today's rock and everything in between. You know every word to every AC/DC song and you could never pass up some Bon Jovi. Here are some places to enjoy your favorite rock (and occasionally metal) tunes:

The Afrobeaters

You are all about the Afrobeats. You can hit that Shoki like no other. And as soon as you hear "It's ya boy Eazi" you're already on the dancefloor. We know Africans don't play with their dancing! Here are a few places that you can satisfy all your Afrobeat needs:

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