Everyone knows that street food serves up some of the best food in the city. Whenever you see a food truck down the street you practically run there to get in line, or if you have already eaten, you look longingly at the delectable eats being enjoyed by the customers on the sidewalk. 

Calgary has an abundance of food trucks that roam around town blessing their customers with unreal dishes. We've rounded up a list of 17 that you definitely need to hunt down this summer. Don't know how or where to find them? 

Click here to see which food trucks are open, where they are, and what they serve up. Now, let us get your stomach grumbling by showing you some of the tastiest looking food truck eats in Calgary:

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1. Perogy Boyz

This food truck serves up Eastern European inspired street food including some loaded pierogies that will totally fill you up.

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2. Waffles & Chix

Sweet and savoury Belgian waffles and crispy fried chicken. Need I say any more? If you haven't tried chicken & waffles, this is where you need to have your first experience.

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3. Fiasco Gelato

Need something to cool you off during the dog days of summer? Track down Fiasco Gelato to get a quality frozen treat that is also aesthetic af.

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4. Red Wagon Diner

This truck will transport you to Montréal with their decadent Montréal smoked meat sandwiches, wraps, and hash.

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5. Avatara Pizza

No one does pizza better than this place. Guaranteed. They something for everyone with their gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, & vegan options.

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6. The Family Fry Guy

These fry guys serve up totally addicting french fries and poutine that will satisfy your fast-food cravings.

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7. Happy Fish Catering

This food truck serves up both American and Asian inspired dishes that are so freaking good. Make sure to try their tempura prawns!

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8. Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Everyone needs a little dessert now and then, and this infamous doughnut spot is definitely the best way to indulge. If I worked here, every day would be cheat day...

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9. Sticky Ricky's

This authentic Cajun food truck will spice up your life with their mouthwatering dishes. Make sure to grab napkins here!

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10. Crack'd YYC

Forgot to grab breakfast before heading out the door this morning? Why not grab some gourmet eggs from Crack'd! They even have egg tacos... YUM.

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11. Lil Truck On The Prairie

This waffle almost looks too pretty to eat...almost. Lil Truck On The Prairie specializes in comfort food, and they also serve up house made sodas! So cool!

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12. Yummy Churros

I mean, the title kind of says it all for this one. These warm and dressed up churros will have you buying like, 8 at a time, just because you can't stop mowing them down.

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13. Bandit Burger

Need a burger fix? Try out Bandit Burger. Their loaded burgers are as juicy as the day is long, and will definitely fill you up.

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14. Soul Kitchen BBQ Co. 

In the mood to get down and dirty with some BBQ food? This food truck has you covered, and their ribs are freaking delicious. Maybe don't wear your best shirt if you're dining here though..

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15. WafflePops

There's only one thing better than waffles, and that is waffles on a stick. Does this dessert not look absolutely mouthwatering?

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16. QueChivo 

QueChivo specializes in Salvadorian street food, and is the perfect place to branch out from your usual diet. My recommendation: their Chicharron Pupusas.

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17. Gustoso Italian Street Food

This food truck serves up Italian food that your Nonno would approve of. It's like a little slice of Italy on the streets of Calgary!