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17 Of The Most Instagram Worthy Street Art Spots In Calgary

Calgary is a gorgeous city -- towering skyscrapers, mountains on the horizon, we have pretty much all you could ever ask for. The best part is, Calgary's beauty carries itself all the way to the smallest corners of our city. There are so many gorgeous pieces of street art that are just beckoning you to photograph or strike a pose in front of. 

From tile mosaics to murals of ducks, our concrete jungle has it all. Here are 17 of the most Instagrammable spots on the streets of Calgary that you totally need to have a photoshoot at ASAP:

1. East Village River Walk (Near Simmons Building) // 618 Confluence Way SE

This riverwalk is a great place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, and it's filled with tons of cool murals, each totally unique. 

2. Luke's Drug Mart // 102 4 St. NE

This is one of the most iconic walls in Calgary, and it provides the perfect backdrop to a IG or Snapchat story of the tasty ice cream served up in store. 

3. ContainR Park // 1020 2 Ave NW

This super hip container park is another location that gives you quantity (but without sacrificing quality). There are loads of different backdrops here!

4. Geo's Hair Joint // 449 9A St NW

This "hair joint" provides their customers with the perfect place to show off their new do, since IG is all about that #newhaircutselfie life. 

5. Behind The Plaza Theatre // 1133 Kensington Rd NW

This dramatic art piece has definite galaxy vibes. One might say that it's "out of this world". The vibrant colours are absolutely stunning and will make your IG stand out on the feed. 

6. Winston Manor // 1409 4 St SW

Simplistic, yet totally awesome. Showcasing a new outfit? This is definitely the place to do it. Fun, summery, and cheeky. 

7. Deli Oriental Meat Style Food // 117 15 Ave SW

This geometric wall is another great place to show off a new outfit, as it doesn't take away much from what is in front of it, yet compliments it perfectly. 

8. Oak Tree Tavern // 124 10 St NW

The best part about this location is that once you strut your stuff in front of the sweet designs, you can cool off at the tavern with a cold drink and a snack!

9. The Camera Store // 802 11th Ave SW

This abstract nature scene is the perfect pop of colour to add to your Instagram feed. 

10. "Wake Me When I'm Famous Wall" outside Voltage Garage // 2101 34 Ave SW

This one is sure to catch the attention of your followers. For all you go-getters, this one is for you. 

11. Blue Star Diner // 809 1 Ave NE

Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, and this wall is perfect for it. The large navy blue star will make YOU the star of your IG feed!

12. Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium // 1415 14 Ave NW

This super unique mural was created by junior high students! This makes it a super cool and super fun place to take a sweet pic.

13. Commonwealth Bar & Stage // 731 10 Ave SW

Much modern. So art. This street art spot will make you look cultured AF. Plus the colours are totally awesome. 

14. The Rose And Crown Pub // 1503 4 St SW

For all you dancers out there, this is the perfect place to strike a pose or jump in front of! Totally whimsical. 

15. Calgary Public Library - Bowness Library // 6532 Bowness Rd NW

This gorgeous and colourful piece of art has so many elements to it, and is the perfect stand-alone photo to exhibit on your IG. 

16. Beadles Gemstones, Beads, and Jewelry // 1606 7 St. SW

This quirky little shop has a quirky little mural to match! It's perfect if your IG aesthetic is black and white themed. 

17. REGRUB // 625 11 Ave SW

Not only is this a super tasty burger and milkshake joint, it's also a great place for a solid pic. Plus you can read a little closer for some awesome things in life that make you happy!

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