Sangrias are every wine lover's dream cocktail. It's like punch... but for adults. Whether you prefer red or white, the Sangria is a pure alcoholic beverage masterpiece that you'd be pretty insane not to absolutely love. Sangrias are a way of life. It's like love at first sip. The perfect mix of red or white wine, with a splash of orange juice and an abundance of fruity flavour... these cocktails are guaranteed to give you a taste of summer. 

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Even though summer is still a few months away, and we may have to deal with some spring showers (or snow because... well it's Calgary.) before we can enjoy sun and rooftop patios. But if you're anything like me and drink Sangria's religiously - then it's basically summer all year around. But if you're a normal person with self-control, now would be a great time prepare yourself for the summer sun with a delicious sangria from one of Calgary's best sangria spots. Call up the girls - it's Sangria time!

Ox and Angela // 528 17 Ave SW

Toad n Turtle // Multiple Locations

Moxie's // Multiple Locations

JOEY // Multiple Locations

Kilkenny // 500 3630 Brentwood Rd NW

Bolero // 6920 Macleod Tr S

Jameson's // 1230 17 Ave SW

Second Location: 3790 Brentwood Rd NW

The Metropolitan Grill // 317 7 Ave SW

Cactus Club Cafe // Multiple Locations

Barcelona Tavern // 501 8 Ave SE

Vin Room // 2310-4th St SW

Julio's Barrio // 1110 Memorial Dr 

Charbar // 618 Confluence Way SE

The Coup // 924 17 Ave SW

Nando's // 3333 32 Ave NE

Second Location: 17 Ave SW

Tango Bistro // 6920 Macleod Tr S

Laurier Lounge // 1111 7 St SW