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Before you start this reading this article, I will warn you that what you're about to see will have you packing your bags and booking the next flight over because Alberta is absolutely beautiful.

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While Alberta has [unofficially] been given the title of being Canada's "Wild, Wild, West" - it's actually much more than fields, cows, and haystacks. Shocking, right? I will admit that some places do look quite similar to the setting of "Django Unchained", however, there is still no denying how beautiful this province is (and how many super cool attractions we have to make up for all the random fields of cows and horses.)

Alberta has the perfect combination of country, city, mountains, lakes/rivers and tourist attractions that it makes it the perfect place to live. Not only do you have things to do all year around, you also will never get tired of how breathtakingly beautiful all our scenes are. But enough of me trying to convince you with words, I think I'll just have to show you:

Peyto Lake

Probably one of the most beautiful lakes you will see in your lifetime! Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake inside Banff National Park. The lake also provides you with quite the mountain hike for the perfect outdoor experience.

Banff National Park

Which brings us to Banff National Park. The National Park of National Parks. Trees, trails, mountains, hikes, waterfalls... what more could you ask for?

Royal Tyrell Museum

If you love Dinosaurs, (and let's be real, everyone loves dinosaurs at least a little) where can you visit the ultimate dinosaur museum? Oh right, Alberta. Drumheller, Alberta is the home to the Royal Tyrell Museum a.k.a the place with all the dinosaurs. The perfect place for the Jurassic Park fan club.

Whyte Ave

In the heart of Edmonton, lies Whyte Avenue (also known as "Whyte Ave") - the ultimate place for shopping, eating, and summer festivals. This is a place where you will walk down the street and see a random dance party, talented musicians and amazing street art all in the same vicinity. The perfect place for those with the hearts of an artist.

Lake Louise

If you're still with me and haven't begun to pack your bags... you're a tough cookie. But kiss your will-power goodbye because this one will definitely win you over. Lake Louise is definitely an Albertan favorite and should be added to your list of "must-visits." One word to describe Lake Louise? Surreal.

Canmore Caves

You read that right, CAVES. Alberta has caves. And you can explore them with Canmore Cave Tours! The adventure is endless in Alberta.

World Waterpark

I bet you're sitting there wondering where the fun is for those who enjoy swimming - since Alberta lakes are skating rinks about 8 out of 12 months in the year. Worry not, swimmers - West Edmonton Mall has come to the rescue with World Waterpark that'll give you all your water-fun all year around!

17 Ave SW // Calgary

If you love food and cocktails, 17th Avenue SW in Calgary, AB is the perfect place to experience a taste of Alberta. From our signature caesars to our delicious Alberta beef, you'll be able to see what the hype is about when it comes to our food scene.

Jasper National Park

Alright, I know I said Banff National Park was the National Park, but I have to say, Jasper National Park definitely shares that title. This beautiful National Park in the central Canadian Rockies will give you some serious mountain fever.

Calaway Park

You seriously can't go wrong with amusement parks! Calaway Park is an outdoor amusement park located in Calgary, Alberta. With rides that'll blow your mind - once you get to Calaway Park, you'll never want to leave!

Moraine Lake

There's not much to say about Moraine Lake beside:Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?! Other than yourself, of course...

Waterton Lakes National Park

Arguably the bluest national park in Alberta. If you love hiking, incredible scenery featuring moutains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls - well, I bet you wish you were in Alberta right about now.


An amusement park inside a mall? Basically, all your childhood and adulthood dreams coming true. Galaxyland is an insane amusement park located inside West Edmonton Mall. featuring "The Mindbender" which largest indoor triple-loop rollercoaster in the entire world. That last point could either convince you or scare you away...

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Cave and Basin National Historic Site is one of the coolest places in Alberta. This historic site is located in the town of Banff, Alberta within a natural thermal mineral springs site. The "Basin" part of Cave and Basin is an open air mineral pool with a bunch of different colored algae. Pretty cool, right?

Wood Buffalo National Park

Nothing is cooler than a National Park filled with wild buffalo. Nothing. Do not fight me on this.

Athabasca Falls

Don't go chasin' [just any] waterfalls, but Athabasca Falls is definitely a waterfall you wanna chase. Located in Jasper National Park, this is one of Alberta's most beautiful waterfalls. Oh, right. Surprise! Alberta has tons of waterfalls.

Calgary Stampede

Alberta is the home to the greatest outdoor show on Earth! The Calgary Stampede is one of Alberta's most popular festivals which offers you 10 days of fun, music, crazy rides and a whole lot of mini doughnuts.

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