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17 Signs You Grew Up In Medicine Hat

Small town struggles.
17 Signs You Grew Up In Medicine Hat

Anyone who grew up in Medicine Hat will probably agree that your life could have been much worse, but it also could have been much more exciting. Not much goes on in sleepy Med Hat, but if you live there you’re sure to meet some interesting people who are sure enough to change your life, sometimes for the better.

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All Alberta cities have their pros and cons. You can drive from one side of Medicine Hat to the other in roughly 15 minutes, the sunsets are usually pretty beautiful, and Calgary is only 3 hours away (thank God). Growing up in Medicine Hat, or basically any other small town Alberta city, it’s likely that you’ve experienced at least one of the following things:

1. You refer to the smallest things as adventures.

It’s the little things, like sitting at the tipi until 2AM with your best friend, or doing an impromptu photoshoot downtown that are the most adventurous to small town teens.

2. You know summer has started when Swirls and Tinos finally open.

The first milkshake of the year is always the best.

3. Almost all the parties you’ve attended have been held on a farm or in a field.

Some of your best memories and craziest stories probably take place in the middle of nowhere.

4. The traffic in cities like Calgary and Edmonton drives you nuts.

As much as you love escaping to Calgary, the craziness on Deerfoot and the lack of parking makes you want to cry.

5. Shopping was always a struggle.

The entire population of Medicine Hat shops at the same five stores in the mall, so you all end up looking the same.

6. You’ve probably made out with someone at the tipi.

If you haven’t, chances are you’ve watched other people make out at the tipi.

7. You’ll take any opportunity to get out of the city, even just for a few hours.

There’s something about being able to get away to a city where nobody knows you that’s so refreshing, even if it’s just Brooks or Lethbridge.

8. You know way too much about people you couldn’t care less about.

Probably the worst part of small town living is the constant flow of gossip. It seems like everyone knows everything about you, even things you didn’t know yourself.

9. You’re used to unpredictable weather.

“Oh, it’s 30 degrees in April? Let it snow.” – the weather in Medicine Hat, probably.

10. People watching at Walmart or the mall is one of your favorite pastimes.

What else is there to do, am I right? As small town people, we're inclined to be nosy.

11. You spent all of high school waiting for grad sleepover and grad week.

Definitely the best part of senior year, grad sleepover is a rite of passage and the best possible way to kick off your last year of high school.

12. You’re so over hitting up Ralph’s, the Rona, and Temptations every weekend.

Tragic. Plus there’s nothing worse than seeing the people you graduated with on a regular basis.

13. You know at least one wannabe rapper.  

Hahahahahaha, need I say more?

14. You know the mall is lame, but you’ve spent endless hours there anyways.

Full of pre-teens and senior citizens, the Medicine Hat Mall has little to offer millennials, especially in the way of clothing options. You’re still gonna go though.

15. Everyone you’ve ever dated has probably been with someone else that you’ve known your whole life.

Dating in a small town = not so many fish in the sea.

16. You think anyone under 25 who actually enjoys Med Hat is nuts.

“There’s nothing to do here,” said everyone ages 13-25 in Medicine Hat, ever.

17. You couldn’t wait to get tf out.

You will miss it though. A little bit. Sometimes. Barely.

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