Summer is here, which means that you no longer have to put up with conflicting class schedules and deadlines - AKA you actually have time to hang with your BFF. Or perhaps they go to school out of province and they're finally back for the summer. 

Either way, laughing and hanging with your bestie is one of the best feelings ever. However, if you're anything like me, you get stuck in a pattern of doing the same things like Netflixing and hanging out poolside. Well, amigos, we have a list that will give you plenty of summertime activities to fill those long, hot, summer days. 

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1. Explore the vendors at one of Calgary's street festivals

Lilac Festival is Sunday June 3rd!

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2. Create a masterpiece at Vin Gogh Paint & Sip Studio

Bring out your inner Bob Ross while sipping on some vino!

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3. Grab brunch at Vendome Café

Because brunch is literally the best meal ever.

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4. Take a pole dancing class at Pole Junkies

Why not spruce up your fitness routine and embrace body positivity while you're at it!

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5. Get artsy at the Glenbow Museum

Take in some amazing art and maybe grab a few instas while you're at it!

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6. Grab some classic REGRUB shakes!

The perfect way to combat the summer heat.

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7. Go on a shopping spree (or just window shop) at Chinook Mall

Retail therapy is the best therapy.

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8. Catch a flick outside at Spruce Meadows

Movies at the Meadows is in August!

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9. Road trip!

Whether it's to Banff, Edmonton, or even Vancouver, you're bound to make some great memories!

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10. Hit up the patio scene on 17th

Nothing screams summer like getting an unexpected patio sunburn!

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11. Get your country on at Stampede

Did you know that Daniel Caesar is performing?

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12. Go thrift shopping

These are definitely not your grandad's clothes.

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13. Go on a street art photoshoot downtown

The perfect way to spruce up your IG feed!

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14. Have a sunny summer picnic at Prince's Island Park

The perfect way to spend your weekend in the sun! Make sure you bring all your fav eats!

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15. Check out one of Calgary's music festivals!

The Calgary Folk Music Festival lineup is beautiful.

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16. Take your dog(s) for a doggy date at the dog park

Even if you don't have a dog, you can just go appreciate the doggos and puppers running around!

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17. Have a girl's night out at Knox

Time to show off your sweeeeeet dance moves!