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18 Places In Calgary To Take A Date For Under $18

Impress your s/o without breaking the bank.
18 Places In Calgary To Take A Date For Under $18

Planning dates without breaking the bank can be pretty hard in Calgary. It's hard to enjoy a day out without spending over $50, which causes most of us to opt tothe way less pricey, Netflix and Chill. However, you can only enjoy $5 pizza and Grey's Anatomy so many times before you start to want to get out and go on a "real date." And of course, you're not gonna impress your Tinder date with Netflix on your couch.

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From cute little ice cream runs to dinner dates and outdoor adventures - you can definitely plan the perfect date without emptying your wallet. And we're here to help you do exactly that. Here are some creative and fun date ideas in Calgary that won't cost you more than $18! Keep that romance and adventure alive!

Bring out your inner rollerskater at Lloyd's Roller Rink.

Admission: $5.00-$9.00 per person

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Grab a cone at Village Ice Cream.

Price: $6 - $9 per cone

Go on a picnic at Prince's Island Park!

Catch a movie at Canyon Meadows Cinemas.

Admission: $5 per movie ticket

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Indulge at Double Zero Pizza during their $5 Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3-6 pm.

Get your Laser Tag on at Laser Quest.

Admission: $9 per game

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Be adventurous and go on a hike!

Visit a National Park!

And here's a nice covenient list of all of Alberta's National Parks!

Admission: Canada's National Parks are free all 2017! #Canada150 ??

Step up your coffee date at Boxcar Board Game Cafe.

Price: $3/hr

Roll a strike at Century Bowling.

Price: $6.25 per game/bowler (+$2.50 shoe rentals)

Grab drinks at Model Milk.

Price: daily Specials

Go skating at Village Square Arena.

Price: $6.50 per skater

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Grab milkshakes and other delicious treats at Peter's Drive-In!

Prices: $5.00 per shake ($2-$9 menu)

Enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt at Menchies. 

Prices: $5+ per person.

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Enjoy a share plate at Charcut Roast House.

Prices: $8-$17

Play some Billiards at Chalk's Billiards. 

Indulge in some cheap wings every day of the week!

Prices: From $0.10 to $0.50 per wing

Grab lunch at Holy Grill.

Prices: Burgers are less than $10 each

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