18 Signs You've Moved To Calgary From A Small Town

Do we really need 50 different sushi places?

Living in Calgary can be intimidating, especially if you're moving from a small town of 1,000 people to a city with a population of over a million. The roads are terrifying, the city itself is bigger than anything you've ever dealt with, and you feel all alone.

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Take comfort in the fact that there are thousands of others just like you. I moved to Calgary almost a year ago, and still can't believe how different my life is here compared to how I lived back home. If you find yourself feeling homesick, or all alone in the big city, read this list and remember that you're not alone.

1. Roads with more than 2 lanes, like Deerfoot or Crowchild, make you nervous.

Smaller cities = less traffic = 2 lanes, always.

2. You honk when someone cuts you off or doesn't use their signal light in front of you.

Apparently it's acceptable to drive like an asshole in Calgary.


3. You get way too excited about local events, like the Stampede or any sort of night market. 

Until you get there, and realize how crowded and insane it is.

4. The amount of variety that you have makes decisions that much harder.

Before, it was the simple pizza vs. sushi decision. Now you have to choose between 50 different sushi places.

5. You sometimes feel out of the loop.

Any friends you've made in Calgs probably all know one another, or anyone else your age.

6. Your Tinder game has gotten so much stronger. 

Back home, your only options were people you graduated with, or your cousins, probably.


7. You don't bother trying to explain where you're from, because people have probably never heard of it.

Just tell them you're from the nearest well-known city to save yourself some time.

8. You thought traffic roundabouts were a myth, but discovered they are very real.

I remember learning about these in drivers ed, but had never encountered one until moving here.

9. Running into someone you know in public is so much more comforting than it was back home.

Before it was annoying, now it's a relief.

10. You think Calgary nightlife is the most exciting thing in the world.

Anyone from Calgary knows the nightlife is much better elsewhere, but you come from a town where the local diner is the only place to turn up.

11. Before going out, you always have to carefully consider how long it'll take you to get there.

Where you're from, it likely took 15 minutes to get across the city and back. Now it takes 20 minutes to get from one side of the NW to the other, on a good day.


12. You want to do all the touristy things, like check out the Calgary Tower, or spend a weekend in Banff.

Anyone who was born in Calgary spent their childhood doing these things; they're old news now.

13. You miss the convenience of  having everything you could ever need within walking distance of your house. 

Now you have to drive 20 minutes to get McDonalds at 2AM.


14. You're shocked when you find out how many stores are open past 9PM.

And stores are actually open on Sundays?!

15. Your Instagram feed has gotten substantially better since moving to a big city.

So many new foods to try and places to visit, you can't help but 'Gram them all.

16. You constantly beg your YYC friends to show you all the best places in the city, even if they've already been a million times.

They're probably a little annoyed with how excited you get about Peters or Village Ice Cream.


17. You rely on a GPS to get you literally everywhere. 

Gas station 4 minutes away? GPS. You might get lost.

18. You miss the little things a lot more than you thought you would.

The comfort of knowing everyone around you, home cooked meals, being able to get everywhere without the help of a GPS. All things you look forwards to when you visit home.