A terrifying incident took place over the weekend that left several people concerned for their lives. According to officials,  two cables snapped on a Calgary Tower elevator, causing it to drop. Multiple people were trapped inside as a result. 

According to the Calgary Fire Department Technical Rescue Team, a crew responded to a rescue at the Calgary Tower on July 12, 2019, just after 10:30 PM. 

The reports stated that eight people were trapped in an elevator after two out of six cables snapped. As a result of the break, the elevator dropped several feet. 

Makayla Lalonde was one of the people trapped inside at the time. She told CTV News that when her and the seven others were inside the elevator, they heard a loud screeching noise and banging, before they dropped to the fourth floor. 

Another individual who was stuck inside the elevator spoke with Global News. They stated that they thought they were going to die. All the people in the elevator dropped to the floor and were ready for impact. 

The group was stuck inside for about three hours until the rescue crew arrived. According to a press release, the team harnessed each person and individually pulled them up through the scuttle hatch. They then transferred each person to a second waiting elevator that was parallel to the secured elevator.

Individuals were lowered through the second elevator scuttle hatch and then taken to ground level, states the press release. 

Narcity spoke with Bruce Barrs, battalion chief for the Calgary Fire Department. According to Barrs, there were two total drops – the first of which took place when the cables initially broke. 

When this happened, the elevator fell "several feet" and was stopped by the elevators braking system that is designed to function when things like this happen. Barrs has stated that the elevator fell several feet, but it could have felt like it was more, should you be experiencing it firsthand. 

After the brake engaged, Barr said that the technician on duty was working to troubleshoot the problem. The Calgary battalion chief told Narcity that the technician was in contact with the eight individuals the entire time and informed the group that a second drop was possible. 

When the second drop did happen, the brakes kicked in again, according to Barrs. He also stated that the second fall was several feet. 

No injuries were reported and no one was taken to the hospital. Everyone who was attending the restaurant was advised to use the stairs to the ground level. 

On the Calgary Tower's website, a bulletin is posted that states, “due to repair work on our elevators, the Calgary Tower is closed until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The tower is a popular tourist destination and a Canadian landmark. It stands at a staggering 191 meters above ground.