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21 Calgary Barbers That'll Give You A Hell Of A Shape-Up

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21 Calgary Barbers That'll Give You A Hell Of A Shape-Up

What makes a great barber? What separates a "good" barber from a "great" one? From a "study" conducted by myself (aka asking every male I know), I've learned that most great barbers have 3 similar traits: great attention to detail, amazing listening skills and a strong love for their work. Being a great barber is more than just cutting hair, but cutting hair with a passion and client-satisfaction in mind.

We're in luck here in Calgary because our city is full of great barbers, that possess these traits and it definitely shows in their work. What's more satisfying than a hair cut from a great barber? Absolutely nothing. From shape-ups/line-ups to full out changing your hairstyle, these Calgary barbers have got you covered.

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If you're looking for a barber that'll take your hair (& beard!) game from 0 to 100 and promise you the ultimate satisfaction, check out these 21 Calgarian barbers that are guaranteed to do the job. *strokes imaginary beard*

Stephen J. // @stephenj.barber

Karlo Farkas // @karlitoz_way76

"El Vato Eyesick" // @eyesick.styles

Ed Perez //

Michael Mackenzie Cooper // @__michaelbarber__

Misty Wind // @mistywind

Jan Morawski // @jan_the_hair_bender

Erick Gilbert // @erick_cutz

Jos // @josbarber

Brittany // @b.k.barber

Alanna Kelly // @alannakelly


Arey // @areydidit

Daniel Li // @kiwitaro

Melissa Poirier // @melissapoirierbarber

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Matt O'Donoghue // @mickeytantrum

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Tyler James Arndt // @tylercuts

Sara Rose // @thebarbersara

Phillip Elliott // @phillipelliott

Kelsey MacKay // @kmoneyfourtwenty

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