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21 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In A Small Town In Alberta

You're familiar with the smell of Alberta beef.
21 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In A Small Town In Alberta

Alberta is basically made up of a bunch of small towns spread throughout the province. Although, all the towns aren't necessarily the same, we all go through a few of the same struggles living that small town life. Whether your town was so small it was barely on the map or it was a little bigger, but still a small town nonetheless; the small town struggles were too real.

While some towns had it a little easier than others, (some towns have Wal-Mart and others have tumbleweeds) we all pretty much lived that "out-in-the-country" lifestyle. Long drives, country music, trucks and old beaters... and we were all very familiar with the smell of Alberta beef, if you know what I'm sayin'.

For those of you who grew up in the city with your lovely means of public transportation and lack of need to acquire a driver's license to get around or have any form of social life outside of the block you live on, here are some of the struggles you should be very glad you missed out on.

For those of you who endured this... I'm so sorry.

There is not a single person in the town that you don't know.

Okay, maybe you don't know them, but you know of them, have seen them around, and you're probably friends on Facebook.

Everybody had to get their license or else they'd never be able to leave the town.

Transit-less town problems.

You knew at least one person who lived on an acreage/"out in the country"

As if the town itself wasn't out in the country.

Having the nearest mall is a trip away.

Just a 45-minute drive, no big deal.

No one knows where your town is.

"Sorry, where is Black Diamond?"

"There's a world north of Edmonton/south of Calgary?"

What's a nightlife?

What is a club? We have bar and grills here.

We call Main Street/the place with the nice little shops and restaurants "downtown."

As if we're a city or something.

Everyone knows everyone's business.

Half the town knows your secrets before you do.

There aren't plenty of fish in the sea.

You've probably dated your friend's exes, your ex's friends, re-dated your exes, and ran out of people to date by Grade 8. It's more like a tiny fish tank.

Which makes the use of Tinder extremely hard.

Talk about "been there, done that."

Your town had no schools and you had to attend one in the neighbouring town or city.

And your bus ride was a long enough for you to get in a good nap.

Your town had like 2 schools and you knew everyone since preschool.

One was public and the other was probably Catholic. And going through Kindergarten to Grade 12 in one building was the norm.

Everything closed at 9.

Good luck finding food at night.

Getting super excited when you get chain stores/restaurants.

We finally got a Wal-Mart! Yeah!

Having no cell reception.

The internet barely works out here either.

Your family doctor/dentist/hairstylist was everyone's family doctor/dentist/hairstylist.

And you had to wait 6 weeks for the next available appointment.

Going for drives and loitering at specific areas were our favourite pastimes.

We just hang out around the Timmies, no big deal. Or we hang out in corn/hay fields... that too.

Almost every party you've ever been to was in a barn or a field.

Gotta love those ol' farm parties eh?

Your town was so small, you weren't actually called a "town."

You're referred to as a "hamlet" like Langdon or Erskine. (Hamlets are really just a smaller town between two small towns)

When your town expands and you can no longer tell if you're a large town or a small city.

Apparently, Airdrie is a city. Or you're an inbetweener where they call you things like a "municipality" like Fort McMurray. Whatever that means.

Everyone who grew up in the city romanticizes the small town life not knowing the true hell it is.

It's really a struggle.

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