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22 Calgary Girls Who Are Absolutely Killing It On Instagram Right Now

When you're scrolling through social media, as so many of us spend so much of our time doing, it can be hard to avoid negativity. Whether it's bad news, or even just an unkind comment on someone's photo, it can get pretty exhausting to find yourself constantly bombarded with that kind of bad energy.

We know that it's impossible to get rid of it. No matter what, there's still going to be haters out there, ruining social media for everyone else. What's not impossible though, is spreading a little bit of positivity to fight back against the negative - and that's exactly what the following article is.

Calgary is a city of over a million people. People from all sorts of beliefs, values, talents, etc. In a city so big, it would be impossible to recognize the many wonderful faces that work hard in their various fields, so we're starting with just a few. After perusing through Instagram, I've found some amazing ladies who really stood out to me for various reasons.

The following list is ranked in no particular order, I simply put it together in the order that I found the accounts of these creative Calgarians. If you're looking to support some new local talent, connect with other Calgarians in the industry, or simply find some inspiration, I highly recommend you give these women a follow:

Sofia Fosado // @sofiafosado

@sofiafosadoembedded via

If you love fashion and supporting local, you need to make sure you follow Sofia ASAP! She's created her own blog called 'The Infinite Closet' where she shares not only her amazing outfits, but also stories about her life, her travels, her favourite recipes, and so much more!

Tasy Nicole // @tasynicole

@tasynicoleembedded via

If we've ever seen someone with ambition, it would be Tasy for sure! Not only is she a published makeup artist, model, and photographer, but she also does all of her creating in a conscious and sustainable manner! She has a smile that's beyond contagious, and her IG will inspire you to chase your dreams too.

Lucky Gill // @crbeby

@crbebyembedded via

In need of new makeup inspiration? Look no further than our girl, Lucky! She definitely knows a thing or two about beating her face - just look at that nose highlight! Her feed is absolutely stunning, and her tutorials are super helpful.

Nadeen Hamzeh // @nadeenhmzh

@nadeenhmzhembedded via

It can be hard to look cute in the winter, especially with how cold it gets here in Calgary, but Nadeen manages to make it look effortless! Her feed is full of some of the cutest looks we ever did see, from head to toe. She also makes YouTube videos of clothing hauls, look books, and more!

Ally // @trottingtraveller

@trottingtravellerembedded via

If you find yourself suffering from a case of wanderlust, a quick scroll through Ally's Instagram feed might fix that for you! She posts photos of all of her wonderful travels, including places like Banff, Portugal, and Spain! She also has a blog where she shares stories about her adventures.

Janelle // @lifewithpandj

@lifewithpandjembedded via

This is one for all you couples out there! Janelle's Instagram documents not only her life, but also her relationship with her husband, Pierre. The 'gram features everything you could think of, including beauty, style, fitness, and food, among other things.

Cait // @classically_cait

@classically_caitembedded via

New to the Vegan world? Don't you worry - Cait's got you covered! Her blog is all about "chic advice for the vegan life", so she can teach you not only how to eat vegan, but how to use more sustainable and eco-friendly products in other aspects of your day to day life.

Arewami // @queenarewami

@queenarewamiembedded via

When we tell you that this girl does it all, we mean it! She's not only a designer, but also dabbles in hair and makeup, and even makes her own YouTube videos for all you beauty lovers out there! Her designer account is @designsbyarewami.

Hala // @xsabirhala

@xsabirhalaembedded via

If you have baby fever, we advise that you avoid looking at Hala's Instagram at all costs. Her, her husband, and their adorable little baby will make you want one of your own, ASAP. When she's not busy being a mama and a wifey, you can find Hala working as an accountant!

Christina Chow // @cookingwithchow

@cookingwithchowembedded via

Love food? Us too. Of course, we all have those days where we really don't feel like cooking. When those days come around though, all you need is a little inspiration! Where can you find that? Christina's Instagram! She's always posting fun concoctions, from healthy salads to sweet and delicious cinnamon rolls.

Gharam // @lilsakx

@lilsakxembedded via

While you're scrolling through Gharam's Instagram, it's pretty easy to forget that you're looking at a girl in Calgary, and not one of your favourite international bloggers. Her feed is curated beautifully - she looks picture perfect in every photo, and her smile radiates!

Chinenye Otakpor // @queensplayground

@queensplaygroundembedded via

You know those street style, outfit inspo photos you see all over your Explore page? That's exactly what Chinenye's feed looks like, and we're here for it. Every single outfit she posts is fire, down to the smallest detail. She'll have you wanting to grab your credit card and head to the mall, ASAP.

Deborah // @bvintagestyle

@bvintagestyleembedded via

Maybe it's just me, but I find something about interior design to be so pleasing. If you feel the same way, then you need to follow Deborah! Her Instagram is full of beautiful home renovation photos that will have you designing your dream house in your head. She also owns @vintagesocietyco!

Chelsea Tan //

@chelseadaily.coembedded via

Need a little bit of sunshine in your life? Chelsea's your girl! Her blog is all about fashion, lifestyle, and empowerment, which I think we could definitely all use a little bit more of! Her photos are so fun to look at, and her outfits will have you wanting to raid her closet.

Melanie Morais // @bornlippystyle

@bornlippystyleembedded via

Melanie bounces back and forth between Calgary and Toronto, but one thing's for sure - no matter where she is, her outfit is always on point. No matter if she's rocking a baggy sweater and jeans, or a sleek blazer, she's always ready to give someone major outfit inspiration.

Sandra // @sandusia_

@sandusia_embedded via

If you wanna talk about hair goals, make sure you mention the long, luscious locks of Sandra! She's a YouTuber here in Calgary who just started a new channel to share her life with the world! She recently uploaded a skin care routine, and we're excited to see her other videos.

Lindsay Peters // @elle.peters

@elle.petersembedded via

If you're tired of turning to Pinterest for all your home decor ideas, why not follow Lindsay? Her feed is full of some of her best work as an Interior Designer, and just may give you the inspo you need to do some decorating in your own home!

Erica Cook // @erica.cook

@erica.cookembedded via

It doesn't matter if you're looking for the latest fashion trends, the best in home decor, or insight on what products you should be using, you can find it all on Erica's Instagram! Her feed has amazing aesthetics, and she's incredibly photogenic.

Hannah Blass // @hannahblass

@hannahblassembedded via

Are neutral colours your thing? You'll absolutely LOVE Hannah's feed then. Not only are her outfits seriously envy-worthy, she also manages to lay her photos out in such a beautiful and eye-catching way! Toss her a follow - you won't regret it.

Rija Imran // @rija_imran

@rija_imranembedded via

I feel like so many of the beauty gurus I watch on YouTube live so far away from me, so it's always cool to find someone that's this talented, AND lives in the same city. If you're looking for new makeup inspo, Rija should be on your radar! She's always pulling the most incredible and bold eye looks - be sure to check them out on her YouTube channel!

Lora Richard // @calgaryfoodslut

@calgaryfoodslutembedded via

First of all, this is easily one of the best Instagram handles I've seen in awhile. Secondly, I just want to thank Lora for trying out so many restaurants and sharing her experiences via Instagram so that we don't get stuck eating bad food. Lora's Instagram is food porn if we've ever seen it! Next time you and bae are struggling to pick a place to eat, just check out her feed and see what she recommends.

Michela Sheedy // @michelasheedy

@michelasheedyembedded via

If you're looking to support some local talent, be sure to give a follow to the beautiful and talented Michela! She is a singer, and regularly performs in dive bars all around Calgary! Be sure to check out the link in her bio if you want to hear her music.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, this list doesn't even begin to name all the wonderful talent that our city has to offer, but it does name a small few who deserve to be celebrated. Even if you didn't make the list, that doesn't mean that what you're doing isn't awesome. Keep hustling, working hard, and don't forget to stick together and support your local girl gang! 💖

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