22 Signs You Grew Up In Strathmore

Let's go cow-tipping.
22 Signs You Grew Up In Strathmore

Strathmore is a lovely little town east of Calgary that is just full of surprises. Being known for supposedly being the "drug capital of Alberta" and most likely the cow manure capital of Alberta, Strathmore is a really unique small town and possesses many distinct qualities that anyone who grew up there understands.

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The interesting thing about Strathmore is that for the longest time this town seemed like a ghost town. This is where the cow-tipping really might have been the most entertaining activity in the town. We all know a town without anything as basic as a McDonald's or a Wal-Mart lacks proper civilization. But don't worry Stratty, over the years you've grown and really outdone yourself, but let's reminisce the days before your town-wide "glo up."

Here are a few signs you grew up in the lovely farm town called Strathmore. Again, I'd like to mention if you're still enduring this... it gets better, I promise.

You remember when basically our only grocery store was IGA.

And when the rest of Calgary got rid of most of their IGA's and replaced them with actual grocery stores (i.e. Sobeys)... Strathmore's IGA was still standing...

You remember when the only food options were KFC, Dairy Queen & The Station.

We literally did not have a McDonald's.

Your first job (or one of your first jobs) was probably at The Station.

And it was the same deal with almost everyone you knew.

Hi-Ho was the best gas station. No arguments.

Everybody was stacking up on candy after school.

Kinsmen Park was everyone's favorite hang out spot.

That fountain was the nicest thing the town had to offer.

Wranglers and Cowboy boots were the average male attire.

Cowboy hats are optional.

You and/or everyone you know owns a truck.

Pairs nicely with the Wranglers and Cowboy boots.

You've become immune to the smell of cow shit.

And when outsiders come to the town, they're wondering if the air is safe to breathe. (We really don't know, honestly.)

Hating the drive to and from Strathmore because it's all field...

The scenery is top notch.

You'll always think the town is pretty small until you have to walk anywhere ever.

Which is always because we have no public transit.

There was basically no difference between the Holy Cross and Crowther Memorial/Strathmore High School kids.

We were all awful and unholy.

You remember when the Sacred Heart Academy kids had to switch to Crowther Memorial because we didn't have a Catholic junior high school.

The days before Holy Cross...

Dating someone at the opposing school was always so hard.

Why are the schools on opposite sides of the town, though?

Having friends that lived in Chestermere or Langdon was even harder.

I'll tell you all about it when I see you again...

You wondered if people actually stayed at Travelodge or any of our other "hotels."

*coughs* LeRoy's Motor Inn...

You went to school with the same people from Preschool through Grade 12.

And the beef was always so real.

Whenever anyone new moved to the town, you'd always ask them why.

Why would you subject yourself to this?

Constantly counting down to graduation so you can move into Calgary.

Just 402 days, 12 weeks, 37 hours, 52 minutes, and 4 seconds.

You were never surprised by all the accidents between Strathmore and Calgary in the winter.

That highway just isn't safe.

We had a hospital which was oddly convenient because our death toll would've been 1000 if we had to drive into Calgary.

Imagine all the home births...

You felt like you had to wait all your life for a Wal-Mart.

It's about time.

At one point, you wondered if you were really going to make it out.

Don't worry, you did/will.

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