In 2016, bloggers took the world by storm. Turning what could be considered a hobby into a full-blown brand, which is absolutely incredible. However, it's not as easy as it may seem. Running a quality blog is a lot of hard work. It takes time and dedication to produce the amazing content that these bloggers do. Luckily in Calgary, we have many amazing bloggers that'll inspire you in every way possible.

Calgary's lady blogger community is growing larger and larger. Popping up with a ton of women who inspire us with their impeccable style, beauty tips, travel blogs, health and fitness regimens and seemingly easy "mommy lifestyles." However, while it may seem like a beautifully taken photo (that they obviously got on the first try) and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, there's more than what meets the eye!

Check out some of YYC's most amazing and inspiring bloggers:

via @velvetandvino

Becky // @velvetandvino

Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel.

Toyosi Clay // @toyo_c


via @thefoxandfern

Jocelyn Jackson // @thefoxandfern

Fashion, Lifestyle, Nature/Travel.

via @queensplayground

Chinenye Mary Otakpor // @queensplayground

Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty

via @cashmereandcamo

Brandy Faris // @cashmereandcamo

Fashion, Lifestyle.

via @meyahw

Meyah // @meyahw

Fashion, Food, Lifestyle.

Andréa Margarita // @bad.pce

Fashion, Lifestyle

via @nguyen1q

Reese // @nguyen1q


Hailey Rayann // @hailey.rayann


via @mkbeautylife

Megan Krepakevich // @mkbeautylife

Beauty, Lifestyle

via @stephykeung

Stephy Keung // @stephykeung

Beauty, Lifestyle

Teagan Murray // @loveleone_blog

Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle.

via @somebodyhastowearit

Jennifer Tiwana // @somebodyhastowearit


via @thecarlivh

Carli van Heerden // @thecarlivh

Fashion, Beauty, Food

via @thebrazencloset

Kemi Odesola // @thebrazencloset

Style/Fashion, Inspiration.

via @stylebyaliya

Aliya // @stylebyaliya


via @simplyprairieskies

Marianna Jay // @mariannaheather

Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food

via @nailsandthreads

Amanda Lee // @nailsandthreads

Fashion, Nails

via @theshopguideca

Krys // @theshopguideca

Lifestyle, Shopping

via @henryandwe

Jasmin Shannon // @henryandwe

Fitness, Lifestyle, Mommy-Blogger

Courtney Brown // @dear.courtney

Fashion, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle, Inspiration

via @justinecelina

Justine Celina // @justinecelina

Fashion, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle

via @hermoderncanvas

Jenny // @hermoderncanvas

Food, Travel, Lifestyle

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