23 Struggles Every Calgary University Student Knows All Too Well

Stay away, crazy MRU geese.

Ah, university. These are supposed to be the best years of your life, right? You've finally reached adulthood, you're independent, you've gained that freshman 15 (but you're totally working on it), you've been to about a million keggers and they still don't get old. Maybe you even joined a sorority or a club. You've made friends and you university student and life is good.

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Until you remember that this isn't a movie and you're actually a real university student and you're calling your parents every week to do your laundry, the freshman 15 is more like the freshman 500, you got way too drunk last night, you have a class in 10 minutes and you haven't even brushed your teeth yet. Yeah, that sounds more like it. Isn't university the greatest?

University really isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's up there. You're literally tired all the time and you probably will be for the next 4 years. You're always broke but the parties and great and the people you drunkenly meet in bathrooms are the best. But the struggles are too real and the list goes on and on, so here are just a few of the struggles that come along with being a Calgarian university student.

Note: No MRU geese were harmed in the writing of this article, but my life sure flashed before my eyes.

The constant struggle of MRU not having a C-Train stop.

So, you're essentially forced to take a bus AND a c-train... who's got time for that?

Wanting to dress to impress but frankly not giving any f*%&s because the weather in Calgary sucks.

Sometimes you look like a fashion blogger, sometimes you look like you just rolled out of bed (because you just did) It's -300 degrees, anyway. We all look like shit.

Calculating how much faster you will have to drive on Deerfoot to sleep in and still make it to your lecture on time.

I totally can sleep in if I just drive 5 km over the speed limit. Please don't let there be any traffic ?

Buying a parking pass but never being able to find a parking spot. (*coughs* MRU)

What was the point of this expensive ass parking pass then? Screw it, I'll just settle for getting tickets all year. Thanks, MRU.

When the commute to your class is longer than the actual class.

Sincerely, the person that lives in Legacy and goes to SAIT. Just nearly 2 hours of buses and trains, no big deal.

Trying to find a decent nap area on campus.

Thank goodness for that napping area at U of C.

Going to your favourite napping stop and finding it's been taken.

How dare you!

Having to lunch with the MRU geese because all of your friends have drastically different class schedules.

Whatever, geese are cool. I now look forward to getting in a wrestling match over my sandwich.

Which brings us to the next point... being attacked by random animals on campus.

Why do geese love MRU so much? They don't even go here!

Staying up until 4 AM the night before a major assignment is due because your week long Netflix binge could not be stopped.

Watching Grey's Anatomy should classify as studying for my Medical Terminology I exam.

Sitting in class fully dressed in winter clothing because it's constantly -90210 degrees.

Should've worn a toque AND earmuffs.

Any time it snows heavily you pray for a snow day.

Has this ever happened in Calgary? No. Do you pray anyway? Every time.

When it blizzards and you drive through the life-threatening roads of Deerfoot to get to a class just to find out it's been cancelled.

I risked my life for this class!

Obsessively checking your grades as soon as you write a final.

Hey prof, I know you're a human and all, but for the sake of my sanity, please grade faster.

Instantly regretting standing in the Tims line on any campus ever.

Probably gonna be late to my class, but I really need this French vanilla.

Having the living shit scared out of you every time the tower clock goes off at MRU.

Just a mini heart attack every hour, all good.

Fondly recalling your first year, and how everything was so pure and easy.

Your biggest problem was trying to decide if your outfit would keep you warm enough to survive the lines at Commonwealth, now you’re trying to write a senior thesis and trying not to drop out.

Having the most unreliable online resources ever.

Log me out one more time U of C Webmail. You don't want none of this, D2L.

Constantly counting down the days until BSD. a.k.a. the only day of the year that really matters at U of C.

R.I.P. to my liver.

Forever wishing there was a shorter way to get to different buildings on campus.

Please, PLEASE make a tunnel from Mac Hall to TFDL.

Pronouncing "TFDL" as "Tiff-Dill"

True U of C student lingo.

B*llshitting an assignment into the ground and hoping your TA won’t notice that you actually have no idea what you’re doing.

I totally know what I'm talking about look at all these big words I am using because I am a university student and I am smart. Oh look, I used a semi-colon and the word "hence" therefore, you should not fail me. Please. This class was really expensive.

Knowing that despite everything, these will be years that you remember fondly.

Nothing better than being a Calgarian university student.

Co-written by: Delainey Lockett