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25 Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In Calgary This Summer

Netflix and chill is SO last season.
25 Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In Calgary This Summer

Summer is finally here, which means that you don't have school deadlines looming over your heads and you can finally get out and EXPLORE! We're all tired of the boring Netflix & chill, so why not break the routine and check out all the fun date ideas that our city has to offer? 

From nature to food to music, this list will give you enough ideas to last you through the long summer days, and will ensure you do more this summer than just laying on a couch! Plus a lot of these ideas are free, which is key if you're on a student budget. How many can you cross off the list this summer? 

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1. Outdoor movies at Spruce Meadows

Catch a flick under the stars this August!

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2. See some live music at a music festival such as Calgary Folk Music Festival

You totally need to check out the lineup.

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3. Go thrift shopping

Get some fresh threads and pop some tags!

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4. Cool off with some Village Ice Cream

A definite staple for those dog days of summer.

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5. Have a cute brunch date at Ladybug Café

Brunch is awesome because you can basically have dessert items for breakfast.

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6. Road trip to the mountains

Banff is romantic AF. Nuff' said.

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7. Set up a picnic in Prince's Island Park

Pick a sunny Saturday and enjoy the views!

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8. Go for a sunset walk along the Glenmore Reservoir 


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9. Have a boujee dinner at the top of the Calgary Tower

Sky 360 Restaurant is freaking delicious.

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10. Jump away the afternoon at Flying Squirrel trampoline park

The perfect rainy day activity!

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11. Test your teamwork at Escape 2gether

Can you break free?

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12. Go stargazing at the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory

What's more romantic than gazing at the cosmos?

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13. Order some decadent cocktails at Cleaver 

Let the drunken conversations about the meaning of life commence.

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14. Visit the pandas at The Calgary Zoo

So. Freaking. Cute.

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15. Dine in the dark at Dark Table restaurant

The best part is, you don't even have to dress up!

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16. Have a little friendly competition at Mountain View Bowling

First one to break 100 buys drinks?

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17. Grab some epic milkshakes at Burger 320

I'm full just LOOKING at these.

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18. Have some adult arcade fun at The Rec Room 

Boozy skeet ball, anyone?

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19. Channel your inner Bob Ross at Vin Gogh Paint & Sip

“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

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20. Get your country on at Stampede

The mini doughnuts are calling your name!

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21. Take in a show at the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

The perfect excuse to get dressed up!

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22. Spend a sunny Saturday rafting The Bow

Don't forget the sunscreen!

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23. Go patio hopping down 17th Ave.

Beers, bellinis, and (sun)burns await!

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24. Wander the streets at the infamous Lilac Festival

You'll find so many cool vendors and snacks!

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25. Hit the "beach" at Sikome Lake

Catch those rays and relax lakeside!

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