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26 Signs You Went To William Aberhart High School

Yeah, I was an "Abe-Babe."
26 Signs You Went To William Aberhart High School

If you went to William Aberhart High School, chances are, you have a ton of amazing memories. It’s a great school, with an even better faculty and a good reputation. However, as cool and fun as it is, it is also filled to the brim with weird quirks and traditions that we struggle to explain as graduates.

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These weird quirks and traditions are what made your high school experience memorable. And while you maybe were never able to get into that “Aberhart Orange", you were always down to jump on the wagon for Filthy Friday.

Referring to yourself only as “Abe-Babes” or saying you go to “Baberhart”

Taking a certain pride in being known as the “well-rounded school”

but maybe only known that way to its own students.

Having a rivalry with every single school in the NW

(and Western for some reason)

Always choosing rugby over football when attending games with your friends.

So much more badass!

Being subsequently terrified when all your friends came off the rugby field looking as if they had just come out of a war zone.

Getting lost in the weird additional wing of the school

Why is there no access to the third floor??

Because that stairwell had no access to the third floor, you avoided it because it was always... occupied. C’mon Abe.

Getting very defensive about the fact that you were the “Aberhart Orange”

Learning about all the urban legends associated with how the “Aberhart Orange” came to be.

We hear it was a grad prank!

Having to essentially live in a giant creamsicle for three years straight.

Envying other teams cheers at sporting events, “Bring Your A-Game” just never had the pizazz.

Trying to arrange your spare blocks so you could have access to the sweet dream of double spares.

If I overload myself for 2 years straight I can have my entire afternoon off in the last semester in grade 12!!!

Trying to get an appointment with counselling only to be turned away with a wait time anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks.

And don’t even get me started on the “drop in” hours.

Looking forward to Filthy Friday every month so you could out-filth your friends.

Having to explain to your parents why you’re wearing weed socks, pool shoes, a wolf shirt, and an American flag bandana on a Friday morning

"I have to bring the filth, mom!"

You knew the horror of taking transit on Filthy Friday.

Embarrassingly avoiding eye contact with your teachers when they tried to make “Fancy Friday” a thing.

Listen, people, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Fondly attending Turkey Fest every year with your friends

Any excuse to have multiple Christmas dinners is a win, in my opinion.

Getting way too into grad pranks.

At Abe, we do a lot of things well, but we don’t do anything better than we do grad pranks.

Proudly boasting that you go to the one and only trilingual school.

Spending your entire high school career looking forward to grad camping, and then passing out at 8 PM at the actual event.

Blowing all your money at the Pizza Sub, enjoying both the most delicious, but also weirdest pizza and poutine.

This tastes like cheese on a loaf of sourdough bread BUT I’M FEELING IT.

Preparing for the annual water fight with your friends.

By my calculations, we’ll need at least 3 cars to transport all these water balloons.

Awaiting the list of casualties after the water fight on the last day of school.

3 people with alcohol poisoning, 13 trespassers, and 1 person got hit by a car.

You love/loved being an Abe-Babe with all your heart.

Co-Written by Delainey Lockett

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