The newest arrivals at this zoo are so adorable it should be illegal. These bear cubs at the Calgary Zoo are the greatest things we've seen today, and they're happily awaiting a forever home to welcome them in. For now though, they're living well with their new zoo family.

The Calgary Zoo shared the good news to their Facebook page on Wednesday, May 6. The cubs arrived just last week, they wrote. They say the bear cubs were orphaned, and "surely would have died" without human intervention.

Now they're being treated with "lots of love and care" until a forever home cared for by humans is found for them.

The zoo thanked Alberta Fish & Wildlife for their help "advocating for these bears;" according to CTV News, it was the organization that found the cubs in the Crowsnest Pass.

While they don't know what happened to the mom, officials told CTV they believe she'd been killed after "an aggressive interaction with a human."

It must be scary being a baby bear in that kind of situation, but things are looking up for the siblings; the zoo's an expert in all things bear, and they've even got a bunch of older grizzlies there to show the babies the ropes.

After all, with Skoki, the zoo's famous grizzly, as a mentor, these cubs will grow up to be as big and strong and every bit as formidable as a grizzly should be.

According to the zoo, grizzlies are huge. Like super huge — they measure up to 2.7 metres in length and weigh up to 408 kilograms. To keep up with all that bulk, they can eat up to 41 kilograms of food every single day.

Narcity reached the Calgary Zoo for comment. This will be updated.

Sadly, the zoo has shut its doors to help with social distancing. But don't worry, you can still get your daily dose of cuteness with their regular animal updates on social media.

They even have a "pandacam" where they livestream the lives of their famous panda bears.

Stay tuned to the zoo's Facebook page for more updates on the trio. Zookeepers say they'll be posting regular snippets about the cubs, so make sure to check back often.