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30 Free Things You Gotta Do This April In Calgary

Time for Spring adventures!
30 Free Things You Gotta Do This April In Calgary

Now that April is here, it's officially time for us to start getting excited for warmer weather. Everyone knows that Calgary always experiences an extra long dose of winter, but hopefully by the time a new month rolls around, all the snow will be melted, and spring will be in full bloom.

With a new month comes plenty of events to get excited about. A lot of things that happen around the city can be pretty pricey, but that doesn't mean you need to be stuck at home all month. If you look hard enough, you'll find an abundance of free activities going on, or some totally free things that you can always do with your friends.

Whether you're looking to try out a new yoga class, or snap that perfect picture for your Instagram feed, this list has a pretty inclusive selection of things that Calgarians from all walks of life can check out this April!

Apart from what you'd expect, we've also uncovered some pretty cool, totally free galleries and art exhibits, classes to educate you on dance, beauty, and even beer, as well as some romantic and affordable date ideas you can share with your significant other, or your best friends!

Ultimately, we just want all of you to have a great April in Calgary, no matter how much or how little you have to spend! If you're feeling bored, or looking for something to do, turn to this list, and see what sorts of adventures you can get up to this month without spending any money!

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30. Work on your Meditation skills in a free workshop

If you've been feeling down in the dumps all winter, this free meditation and breathing workshop could be just the thing to get you feeling perky and bright again! On April 3rd from 6:30 - 8pm, the Art of Living Foundation will be at the Meadowland Park Community Association, ready to teach you everything you need to know!

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29. Check out local artist Carolyn Jerrard's exhibit

There's never a bad time to support local, especially when it comes to art. Carolyn Jerrard's work is incredibly beautiful, and is all inspired by the vibrant beauty we see all around us in nature. The free showing will be held from 5 - 9 p.m. on April 5th at Loft 112.

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28. Learn a thing or two about dance from Army of Sass

Just like the name of their group implies, these girls know a thing or two about sass. On April 3rd from 8 - 9 p.m. at the Evergreen Theatre & Spaces you can checkout a totally free dance class, no matter what level of experience you have!

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27. Admire some talent at the Calgary Artists Society Spring Show

If you're really feeling like spreading some love this spring, you'll absolutely want to check out this show. Even if you don't buy anything, artists always appreciate support and love! The show will be at the Parkdale United Church on April 7th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., and will feature a variety of media by 45 local artists.

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26. Try a Detox Yoga class at World Gym

After a long, cold, stressful few months, your muscles could probably use some love and attention. This Detox Yoga class on April 8th from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. may be just what you need! Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to feel refreshed and relaxed.

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25. Check out a workshop on Consent from the Calgary Sexual Health Centre

Consent is one of those things you can never be too informed on, especially in today's society! This free workshop will be held on April 8th from 3 - 6 p.m. at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, and will teach you all about consent, relationships, and sexual violence; you'll definitely leave with a wealth of knowledge.

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24. Take a class on Beer at Gravity Coffee

Even if you're not a beer fanatic, this class is worth attending! This edition of Beer 101 will teach you all about the perfect pairings for different kinds of beers, and all sorts of other information. The event will be held at Gravity Coffee on April 10th from 7 - 8 p.m. The event itself is free, but they do ask that you order something from the venue and tip nicely!

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23. Take a tour of Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Sure, we all love coffee! Especially the local YYC favourite, Phil & Sebastian. Have you ever wanted a chance to see how it's made, though?! With this free tour, you can! On April 11th at 11 a.m., you can get a quick, totally free, 20 minute tour! If a longer, more informative tour is what you're after, you can also book one at the link above.

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22. Check out the SEDV Olympics at Schanks Sports Bar

The Olympics may still be a few years away, but you can still have fun in the meantime. On April 13th at Schanks you can watch, or participate in, a series of fun Olympic events, including virtual golf, Sega Super GT auto racing, pro put and three ball pool.

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21. Attend Beauty Masks 101 to learn more about all your favourite masks

If you have yet to try a face mask, or aren't super informed on them, you better hop on the bandwagon ASAP! Face masks can seriously transform your skin in ways you'll love. This free event, held at Shoppers Drug Mart in Strathmore will provide you with more info on masks, and a complimentary skin analysis! It's being held on April 14th from 7 - 10 p.m.

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20. Do some window shopping at the Triwood Spring Market

I love markets all year round, but for some reason, Spring markets always seem to be the absolute best. This market is being held on April 15th from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., and will feature over 50 vendors selling all kinds of treats for you to indulge in!

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19. Attend a workshop on entrepreneurship and learn how to make your dreams come true

The word "entrepreneur" is tossed around pretty frequently, but many people don't realize how easy it can be to become one! All you need is an idea, and a few tools and some knowledge to help you along the way, and this workshop will definitely send you in the right direction. On April 17th from 1 - 2 p.m. at Calgary Crowfoot AMA, you can learn all you need to know.

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18. Take a Yin & Yang Yoga Class at Saje Natural Wellness

If you've been wanting to try yoga for awhile now, but can't justify paying hundreds of dollars for classes, this free class will give you a taste so you can find out if it's for you! On April 22nd from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m., you'll want to find yourself at Saje Natural Wellness. Be sure to bring your own mat, as spares will not be available for rental.

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17. Attend a workshop on Ethical Fashion

Sure, you love clothes and fashion, but how much do you really know about ethical fashion? This free workshop will teach you all you need to know about sustainability, and fair trade companies! The event is being held on April 23rd from 6:30 - 7:45 p.m. at Fieldstudy.

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16. Explore the beauty of Lougheed House

Lougheed House is a Calgary favourite, and it's particularly beautiful in the fall and spring, when everything is in bloom and changing colours! Take your dog for a walk, or hold a photoshoot with your friends!

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15. Celebrate Easter in Kensington

This year will be the fourth annual celebration of Easter in Kensington, with a petting zoo, Easter hunt, and a visit from the infamous bunny himself. This event is the perfect opportunity to snap some new pictures for your Instagram, so you'll want to find yourself in Kensington on April 1st from noon to 4 p.m.

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14. Pet some super cute animals at Aggie Days

I don't know about you guys, but I'll jump at any chance I get to pet some cute baby animals. It may not quite be time for the Calgary Stampede yet, but Aggie Days gives you a little taste of the excitement. Head to Stampede Park on April 14th or 15th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to join in on the fun!

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13. Take a hike up Douglar Fir Trail in Edworthy Park

Hiking season is almost upon us, and if you're not quite ready to hit the mountains just yet, you can still lace up your shoes and try your hand at a hike through Edworthy Park on Douglas Fir Trail. It's about 2.5km one way, so perfect for beginners, or a great warm up for pros!

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12. Go on a nature walk through Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Spring is easily the most perfect time of year for a nature walk. Everything is in bloom, the animals are coming out of hibernation, and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold! Go on a solo adventure, or bring along a friend or two! Don't forget your camera to capture all the beautiful sights you see.

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11. Visit the Glenbow on Free First Thursday

If you didn't already know, the Glenbow Museum offers free admission on the first Thursday of every month from 5 - 9 p.m. This month's free night will be happening on April 5th, and current exhibitions include the photography of Frida Kahlo and the Impact of the Graphic Novel.

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10. Explore the sights of Prince's Island Park

Prince's Island is widely known as being one of the most beautiful parks in the city, and there's plenty for you to discover there. It's a great place to go for a jog, take some pictures, walk your dog, or meet other Calgarians while you enjoy a nice spring day!

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9. Have a picnic and watch the sunset at Scotsman Hill

This sounds like a pretty romantic date, but if you don't have a significant other than you can always pack a picnic for you and your family, friends, or fur babies! Don't forget to bring your camera so you can get that perfect sunset skyview snap.

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8. Snap the perfect picture for your Instagram in Kensington

If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for the next cool spot to snap an Instagram photo. As it turns out, Kensington, being one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the city, has plenty to offer in the way of cool backdrops. From wall murals to brick walls, you'll definitely have the coolest feed.

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7. Check out some free exhibits at the Esker Foundation

Everyone loves free art, and the Esker Foundation just so happens to have an abundance of it. One super cool installation they have right now is featured in this photo, and makes for a seriously cool IG picture!

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6. Get lost in the beauty of Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek is like a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. A stroll through the park on a spring day will make you forget that you're even in the city at all!

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5. Go people-watching in Downtown

You have to admit it, people-watching is a fun pastime, particularly in Downtown Calgary. You're always bound to see some interesting characters, no matter where you end up!

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4. Wait for the last of the snow to melt while you hangout in the Devonian Gardens

Let's be real, in Calgary it's not all that unlikely to have snow still falling in April, and it can definitely be a real downer. You can pretend everything's green and prospering in the TD Square Devonian Gardens, though!

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3. Spend a day reading at the Calgary Public Library

I know way too many people who intend to get a lot of reading done, but claim they just can't find the time. If you're buried in school readings, reading for pleasure might be the last thing you want to do, but it's actually quite relaxing! The CPL has plenty of locations all around the city, and an even bigger selection of books.

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2. Explore Bow Valley Provincial Park

This spot is another great getaway hidden in the city. If you don't want to drive all the way to Banff, Bow Valley will without a doubt do the trick. There's gorgeous rivers, trees, and rocks that will help you feel relaxed and refreshed.

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1. Take a tour of Spruce Meadows

This is the perfect way for any animal lover to spend a day. Many of the shows here are free as well, so you can get some entertainment while you admire and learn about the beautiful horses.

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