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30 Of Calgary’s Best Dressed Women Of 2016

She's a fashion killa.
30 Of Calgary’s Best Dressed Women Of 2016

We dress to impress here in YYC, and the women of Calgary did exactly that this year. 2016 has been an insane year in terms of style for men and women in YYC. Our fashion scene's sense of individual style is incredible and definitely deserves some major recognition.

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The women of YYC came to slay all day, every day in 2016. From classy to casual to streetwear, the women of Calgary did it all. Serving looks and giving us major fashion goals for 2017. Of course, there were an abundance of well-dressed women in the city that completely slayed my life and snatched my edges but I had to calm down and condense it to 30.

Here are 30 Of Calgary’s Best Dressed Women Of 2016a.k.a your outfit inspo for 2017:

Nisha Johny // @nishajohny_

Chinenye Mary Otakpor // @queensplayground

Arielle Berze // @casualncouture

Toyosi Clay // @toyo_c

Gloria // @gloriaaxo

Kaylee Konowalyk // @kayleekonowalyk

Inemesit Etokudo // @inemesitetokudo

Yasmin // @iamyasminh

Michaela // @micjanee

Joie // @thisisjoiem

Maggie // @maagie.a

Gabi // @gabiconac

Keyede Osuntokun // @keyede

Kyla Zeniuk // @kyla.zeniuk

Naz Rahman // @mininaaz0125

Camila Roncancio // @camaniac_

Sade Akinbami // @s_akinbami

Brenda Wasylucha // @brendawasylucha

Liz Eleko // @inspire.junkie

Shia Ali // @_shiaali

Annick // @annick.pearl

Andrea // @bad.pce

Elle // @int_elle_igence

Teagan Murray // @loveleone_blog

Elena // @styleconceptblog

Kortnee // @foreverkortnee

Shaela Tan // @shaelat

Tiwa // @styledbytiwaa

 Anais & Claudia //@lanaaarose & @cxoxoc

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