33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Calgary

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33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Calgary

It's definitely not uncommon to see content creators like myself publishing pieces about empowering females in our city, and of course, the #GirlPower movement is totally important and should be spread around! Honestly though, I think it's time we shed some light on the badass dudes that live in Calgary, and all that they do to make this city the amazing place that it is.

A lot of people think that men should only be working in burly, tough, masculine fields where they get down and dirty, like up North in the oil rigs, or in construction. Ultimately, though, it's 2018 and I say that we should stop imposing gender stereotypes on people's careers. Calgary is full of badass dudes who have busted their butt's to found or co-found their own companies, are amazing chefs, or have an eye for design. All of these professions are totally worthy of recognition, and we've created a list that does just that.

Now, it's important to remember that this list is ranked in no particular order; all these men are incredibly talented and hardworking! And with Calgary being such a huge city, it's totally impossible to include everyone who qualifies; even if you're not listed here, odds are you're equally as deserving.

Let's take some time to recognize that male talent that helps keep our city so diverse and entertaining across so many unique and different fields. Take a look, support local business, and give some of these incredible men a follow to let them know just how much we appreciate them!

33. Ivan Jimenez // @ivanjimenezstylist

Fashion Stylist and Creative Director

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Why he's badass: As a fashion stylist and creative director represented by Mode Models, it's no secret that Ivan has an artsy eye. He's always rocking super bold, brave patterns and pieces that very few other people can pull off. When he's not styling himself or others, you can find him working as a visual manager at H&M!

32. Tom Wilson // @the.tall.tom

Bar Manager at Run Pig Run

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Why he's badass: As the bar manager at the amazing Run Pig Run here in Calgary, it's no secret that Tom has a passion for cocktails. You can catch him mixing up some delicious drinks for you and your friends to enjoy, or in his spare time, travelling or watching a Flames game.

31. Shamir Bechara // @shambcookin

Chef at The Trop

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Why he's badass: You guys remember that Salt Bae meme that went viral last year? That's basically Shamir when he's cooking up a storm at the local YYC favourite, The Trop. Apart from being a super talented chef, Shamir is generally just a pretty cool guy, as shown on his Instagram!

30. Andres Saez // @andressaez7


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Why he's badass: If urban, street style portraits and photography are your thing, Andres' photos will have you captivated. His shots are very eye-catching, ranging from the Downtown Calgary skyline at dusk, to long exposures of late night street lights.

29. Kyle Friedman // @kylefriedman

Founder and CEO of The Wallin Company Inc.

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Why he's badass: The Wallin Company consists of a team of professional contractors here in Calgary, led by Kyle. Not only is this guy a super hard-working entrepreneur, he's also incredibly stylish! If you're looking to give your home or business a new look, you know where to go.

28. Lascelles Brown // @kingjaphy6

Team Canada Bobsleigh Olympic Medalist

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Why he's badass: He's literally an Olympic Medalist, is that not badass enough?! Lascelles is Jamaican-born, but has competed mainly for Team Canada throughout his career. He's also currently representing the Canadian Bobsleigh team in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics; let's hope he brings home another medal!

27. Marcelo Daleva // @marcelodaleva

Coach at UFC Gym Chinook and Model/Actor at NUMA

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Why he's badass: Having the motivation to keep yourself in shape can be hard enough, but being able to motivate others has to be even harder. Marcelo somehow manages to do all of this while also still working as an actor and model at NUMA!

26. Joash Charles // @joash_charles

DJ at Commonwealth Bar & Stage

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Why he's badass: Anyone who's been in the basement during World Famous Fridays at Commonwealth has probably seen Joash spinning some seriously fire beats. He's also been known to play at other local hot spots like HiFi Club! When he's not playing music, you can find him selling clothes at Less 17.

25. Nouman Ali // @noumsali

Cardiac Nurse and Aspiring Photographer

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Why he's badass: This guy is definitely living out all of our Grey's Anatomy dreams on a day to day basis. As a cardiac nurse, Nouman stays pretty busy taking care of patients and saving lives, but when he has free time, he enjoys taking amazing pictures of Calgary and any other city he visits in his travels!

24. Shaun Arntsen // @tattooed.skier

Model and Photographer

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Why he's badass: Most people have a preference of being either behind, or in front of the camera. Shaun, however, manages to do an amazing job of playing both sides. He's very photogenic, but also knows how to stage the perfect photo. His Instagram is a super fun feed full of his shots, as well as shots he's posed for.

23. Ryan Tews // @gentlemantattooer

Tattoo Artist at Jakku Tattoo

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Why he's badass: If you've ever wanted a colourful, beautiful masterpiece on your body, you need to book an appointment with Ryan ASAP. His usage of colour is absolutely beautiful in any work, no matter if you're looking to get an animal, or symbol!

22. Hoss Taleb // @6hoss6


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Why he's badass: In my humble opinion, every guy needs a good barber, and if you have yet to find one, we highly recommend Hoss. You can find him creating the perfect fade or line-up at Diva Salon in Market Mall!

21. Arin Hiebert // @arinhiebert

Pastry Chef and Culinary Professional

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Why he's badass: They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I'd say that statement holds true for women too. Who doesn't love a good sweet treat every now and then?! Arin is a pastry chef here in Calgary, and his concoctions honestly look almost too beautiful to eat.

20. Andrew Beardsley // @andybintheyyc


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Why he's badass: Andrew is one of those photographers that knows how to work angles, and will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot. He has a knack for making our city look amazing, day or night, from any location!

19. Killian Harding // @killinithard

Head Chef at Prohibition

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Why he's badass: Every Calgarian knows Kensington as a super trendy spot, and Prohibition is an even trendier spot within Kensington. The man behind the amazing food you can enjoy there is none other than Killian Harding! His talents are definitely worth tasting.

18. JD Pilz // @jdpilz

Co-founder of Barcelona Tavern

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Why he's badass: It takes a lot of work to co-found a restaurant, so that in itself deserves a major shoutout. However, JD has also been dubbed a "master mixologist", so you already know he's pretty handy behind the bar too! A Toronto location is also in the works of being opened, so you know where to eat when you head out East!

17. Brydon Bellefeuille // @_brydon

Barber at Fivestar Barbershop

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Why he's badass: It's no secret that there are plenty of talented barbers in YYC, but it's also no secret that they don't always get the credit they deserve. You can find Brydon at Fivestar Barbershop in the NW, keeping all the other YYC badass dudes looking fresh.

16. Kyle Williams // @thekjdub

Founder of Changing Gears and YYC Cycle Motivator

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Why he's badass: Getting through spin class can be hard, but having a badass motivator like Kyle to pump you up and remind you of your goals makes it that much easier. After a few sessions, you'll start to wish that every day was leg day!

15. Brendan Drohan // @bdrohan

Founding Partner of Miter Renovations and Design

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Why he's badass: A carpenter by trade, Brendan picked the perfect job for himself as the founding partner of Miter Renovations and Design. He and his wife Rebecca make the perfect duo, working on Renovations, Architectural Design, and Interior Design, all while taking care of their two beautiful girls.

14. Husam Al-rameeni// @husamrameeni

Co-founder of HustleCo and Spin Instructor at Stax Cycle Club

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Why he's badass: HustleCo is essentially a hub of badass Calgary entrepreneurs and leaders, co-founded by Husam. Not only is he a super savvy entrepreneur, he's also a highly motivated spin instructor at Stax Cycle Club who will have no problem helping you through your workout.

13. Andrew Schnell // @a_schnell91

Professional Squash Player

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Why he's badass: Being a pro athlete is no easy feat, what with the insane training and workout regimens. Andrew manages to play squash at a pro level, having already won the PanAm Games as a Gold and Silver Medalist, as well as being ranked #1 in Canada. He also has his masters in Kinesiology, the perfect choice for an amazing athlete!

12. Daniel Franchi // @danielfranchi_fitness

Personal Fitness Trainer

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Why he's badass: If you need any sort of motivation to put down those chips, get off the couch, and get your summer body in order, look no further than Daniel's Instagram profile. This guy is the definition of #gains, and as a personal trainer, he wants to make sure you reach your fitness goals too!

11. Brian Hewlett // @brian.hewlett

Singer and Model with NUMA

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Why he's badass: I'm sure I'm not the only one who took one look at this guy and wasn't at all surprised that he models. He's got great bone structure, and amazing style to boot! On top of all that, he's also got an awesome voice; you can check his music on Soundcloud!

10. Andrew Browne // @abrowne27

Co-Founder and CEO of TikTiks Inc

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Why he's badass: TikTiks is an easy-to-use, everyday app that makes purchasing tickets to sports and entertainment even a breeze, and Andrew is one of the guys you have to thank for that! As an avid sports fan, Andrew attends a ton of games, and wanted to create a way to make the experience better for fans everywhere, and thus, TikTiks was born!

9. Mark Vella // @markvictorvella

Founder and CEO of Advertiise

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Why he's badass: As a business owner himself, Mark quickly realized the important role that relevant advertising plays in owning a business! With this newfound information, Mark decided to found Advertiise, a company aimed at teaching other small businesses the importance of advertising!

8. Kelly Black // @notthatkellyblack

Founding partner of BMeX Restaurant Group

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Why he's badass: Ever wondered what the face behind the amazing Una Pizza + Wine, Ox and Angela, and Native Tongues Taqueria looks like? Well, here you have one of them! Along with his partners Jayme MacFayden and Cody Willis, he runs BMeX Restaurant Group, a group dedicated to always improving the restaurant scene in YYC and beyond.

7. Anton deGroot // @an_tond

Theatre Designer

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Why he's badass: It takes a special kind of creative mind to work in theatre, and Anton has just that! He's won awards for his work as a Theatre Designer, and is very well known around the city of Calgary. When he's not working in theatre, he also created art installations and podcasts for fans of art around the city to enjoy!

6. David Bonk // @davidcbonk

Founder of Hearts & Hammers and Social Impact Entrepreneurs

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Why he's badass: Having a big heart never goes out of style. Hearts & Hammers is a non-profit created by David that aims to renovate homes for families with accessibility needs, which is truly amazing in our eyes. His other company, Social Impact Entrepreneurs was created to help other business owners succeed and get a head start on their own projects and goals!

5. Brett McDermott// @whatisabrett

Chef and Owner of Our Daily Brett

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Why he's badass: Imagine being so badass that you get to name your own restaurant after yourself?! It's no secret that Our Daily Brett is a local Calgarian favourite, with their warm and welcoming ambiance and delicious food, but we also definitely have to acknowledge that none of it would be possible without the brains and talent of Brett himself!

4. Beni Johnson // @what.beni.jay.say

Founder of 10 at 10 Entertainment

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Why he's badass: Believe it or not, the hip hop scene is alive and well in Calgary, and Beni has played a big role in that. As the founder of 10 at 10, Beni has helped many up and coming artists get their name out their by performing at venues like Commonwealth Bar & Stage!

3. Mike Morrison // @mikesbloggity

Creator and Writer of Mikes Bloggity Blog

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Why he's badass: As a writer myself, it's not hard for me to admit that this job is super badass. Mike is a former columnist for Metro News, producer for Breakfast Television, and a contributor to various radio and television outlets in the city. He's got a ton of accomplishments under his belt, and now spends most of his time working on his very successful pop culture & travel blog.

2. Dan Clapson // @dansgoodside

Food Critic for the Globe and Mail and Co-Founder of Eat North

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Why he's badass: There's no denying that Dan is literally living the dream. How many of us wish that we got to travel around while tasting and critiquing gourmet food for a living? A ton, probably. Since he does do so much travelling, Dan created Eat North as a way to highlight the best of Canada's cuisine!

1. Dax Justin // @daxjustin

Adventure and Landscape Photographer

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Why he's badass: For some, photography is a passion. For others, like Dax, it's literally their life. As he's always off doing something cool, Dax gets some of the best shots of our gorgeous city, province, and country that you'll see.