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40 Bucket List Things To Do In Calgary This Winter

Your ultimate guide to the holidays.
40 Bucket List Things To Do In Calgary This Winter

Winter is such a wonderful season in Calgary. Yes, I admit - it might be cold, it might be chilly, it might make you want to just roll up into a thousand blankets, turn yourself into a blanket burrito, and stay in all day, but at the same time, there is just so much going on in the city that you can't help but get up, brush your teeth, do your morning dance routine to Mariah Carey and just feel super pumped about the holidays.

If you're a little Christmas crazy like I am, then you know what I'm talking about. You want to know the deets - the who, what, when, where, why, and how can I get there! So we've answered all your questions so you can plan out your winter. Now even if you're not Christmas crazy, and you're just looking for something to do with your squad or your bae this winter, we've laid it all out for you.

Here we've provided for you the ultimate bucket list of basically everything you have to do in Calgary this winter. We've got free things, romantic things, outdoorsy things... everything! So whether you're boujee or broke AF, cuffed up or single AF, we've got something for you.

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Watch Canada's official holiday train stop in Calgary.

The Holiday Train comes once a year, and is sure to brightly light up your holiday season. It's totally free, but you can bring a donation for the local food bank in the spirit of giving.

Get your Christmas spirit on and hit up Light Up The Square.

On Saturday, December 2nd, the hip and urban neighbourhood of East Village will get its visit from the North Pole. With Christmas carollers, sleigh rides and even massive Christmas tree lighting, you'll definitely be feeling the holiday cheer.

Check out all the gorgeous Christmas trees at The CORE.

A holiday favourite, The CORE hosts a tree event every year that Calgarians love to flock to. Get inspired by all the decked out trees for you own Christmas tree or just take some awesome instas.

Go for a holiday hike at Edworthy Park.

There's no better way to really experience the holidays than to go out into nature and embrace the winter. Go hiking or even snowshoeing at Edworthy Park and take in mother nature and all of her beauty.

Get artsy at the Contemporary Calgary art gallery.

If you're into cool contemporary art, then Contemporary Calgary is your spot. Admission is free and you can take some awesome shots for the insta here too.

Go for a winter wonderland hike at Johnston Canyon.

Johnston Canyon is an amazing place to hike and view some of Alberta's most beautiful glaciers. Go for a day trip out to the Rockies and take in the incredible landscapes and views of the Bow River.

Be enchanted by all the Christmas lights at the Lions Festival of Lights.

Decorated with over 300,000 lights, Lions Festival of Lights is Calgary's biggest light display. If you can't afford Zoolights, or want to check out more lights, this is your best bet.

Go tobogganing through the snow.

Though we're not sure whether it'll snow this year or not, but if it does, you know what to do fam. Bust out that toboggan, hit up the closest hill hear you, and go for a sleigh ride.

Check out the Airdrie Festival of Lights.

Go for a day trip over to Nose Creek Park in Airdrie for their Festival of Lights where thousands of lights glow from December 1 to 31. Admission is by donation.

Take in the beautiful landscapes at Bragg Creek Provincial Park.

Just 45 minutes west of Calgary is the stunning Bragg Creek Provincial Park. This spot is perfect for a relaxing winter hike, or if you have your own skis or snowshoes, Bragg Creek is ideal for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

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Indulge in an ultra boujee brunch at Royal Brasserie.

If there's two things that girls love, it would be brunch and a fancy restaurant. Put those two things together and you've got Royal Brasserie. The dining space is elegant and will definitely impress your boo. Better yet, they even serve absinthe fountains so you can get boozed up before noon.

Take in the beautiful views of city skyline at Sky 360.

If a dinner date is your thing, why not do it big? Visit Sky 360 and dine in the sky. Enjoy delicious food, get a beautiful view of the entire city and an even more beautiful view of your S/O.

Adopt a new child with your bae at Plant.

You and your S/O may not be ready for a child, or even a pet dog or cat, but if you want to take your relationship to the next level, adopt a plant baby together and watch it grow! You can even get matching plants if you don't live together.

Go for a boujee taco night with bae at Native Tongues Taqueria.

It's taco night every night at Native Tongues Taqueria. But we're not just talking your average tacos, we're talking about up-scale, boujee tacos in a modern dining space. If you and bae can't get enough Mexican, this is the spot. And what's more romantic than twinkle lights?

Go for a cute ice cream date at Luke's Drug Mart.

Fvck winter! You love ice cream, and no matter how cold it gets outside - you don't care. Grab ice cream with your bae at Luke's Drug Mart, they've got charcoal swirled ice cream!

Go on a cute coffee date at Rosso Coffee Roasters.

If you and bae are coffee fiends, then you definitely have to head over to Rosso Coffee Roasters. Nothing is better in the winter than cuddling with your S/O over a hot cup of coffee in their adorable space.

Take a stroll through Kensington.

During this time of year, Kensington is completely decked out in beautiful Christmas lights that are absolutely enchanting. Take a stroll through this neighbourhood with your bae and you'll feel like you've gone on a magical vacation to Bryant Park during Christmas.

Go for a romantic couples massage at Leela Eco Spa.

In my opinion, there's nothing more relaxing and romantic than going to a couples massage together with your significant other. With multiple locations in Calgary, you can indulge in your relationship anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy a boujee and boozy dinner date night at Bridgette Bar.

Nothing makes you fall in love all over again like a fancy dinner date night. Bridgette Bar is a "chef-driven" bar with delicious bites and fancy cocktails that will make you swoon.

Kick it old school and go for a retro date at the Lloyd's Roller Rink.

A romantic date doesn't have to be expensive, you cant have tons of fun just kick it like dorks and going to a roller rink (and it's actually super fun)! Tons of couples love Lloyd's Roller Rink because it's a classic and you have to do it at least once in your dating life.

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Go on a day trip to the Glacier Skywalk.

If you want to experience the outdoors without going on a full on camping trip, head over to Banff for a day and check out the Glacier Skywalk. The skywalk is absolutely stunning and the views of the snow-capped mountains during the winter are unparalleled.

To experience the epitome of Christmas in Calgary, visit Zoolights.

Christmas isn't complete if you until you've visited Calgary Zoo's Zoolights. This year's 20th anniversary is sure to be bigger and brighter than ever, with over a million lights to see and admire.

Go for a scenic hike through Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park has beautiful scenery and is a great place for a relaxing winter stroll. Located right by the north bank of the Bow River, take in the winter views of your beautiful Alberta.

Go for a ski day at Sunshine Village.

Ski season is the best season in Alberta. If you love to ski then you have to head on over to Banff this winter and spend at least a day at Sunshine Village. This ski town is super powdered up and ready for your snow shredding enjoyment.

Be enchanted by all the Christmas lights at Spruce Meadows.

Starting December 9, Spruce Meadows will be completely covered with over a quarter million Christmas lights. Get ready for all the holiday festivities and insta photo ops.

Escape to Johnston Canyon for a day and embrace mother nature.

Johnson Canyon is definitely one of Alberta's most iconic natural wonders and you've probably been during the summer. But during the winter, the experience is another world type of magical.

Bust out the ice skates and hit up Olympic Plaza.

It's not winter if you don't go on a skate date with your girl squad or your bae. Olympic Plaza is a classic - it's free and they offer skate rentals!

Take in the views at Crescent Heights.

Take a stroll through Crescent Heights and take in the beautiful views of downtown YYC. Your city has never looked more stunning than from this angle.

Go for a photoshoot around the city at these super Insta-worthy spots.

Grab your bestie or your bae or your favourite photographer friend and start snapping away at these unique places in Calgary. After a photo

Go tubing at Acura Tube Park.

If you don't know how to ski or snowboard, you can still enjoy the winter weather with tubing! It's super fun and all you have to do is grab a tube for just a little over $20 for two whole hours.

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Destress with floatation therapy at Float Life.

The holidays can be stressful and sometimes you just need to relax. Float Life provides sensory depravation pods where you can relax your body, mind and soul. With this Groupon, a 90 minute float session is only $45.

Go drunk and go painting at Paint Nite.

Even if you're not much of a fun drunk, Paint Nite Calgary will definitely make you one. Drink wine and cocktails as you paint with your friends or your bae. With this Groupon, you can get tickets for 30% off.

See the city on a whole other levels on a Sundance Hot Air Balloon.

Have you ever wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride but decided not to because it was too expensive? Yeah, me too. But Groupon is now offering an awesome deal on hot air balloon rides with Sundance for almost 40% off! Check it out here. It also makes for an awesome Christmas present. Just sayin'.

Treat yo'self and go for a spa day at Willow Stream Spa.

Don't let holiday season stress get the best of you - take a day to get away to Banff and visit the boujee Willow Stream Spa. You can either just take a dip at the whirlpools, or get a full spa treatment, depending on how much you wanna ball out.

Go on an epic road trip to Banff National Park.

Banff is a tourist favourite during the summer, but it's equally as popular and stunning during the winter time. If the idea of a vacation getaway is being one with nature, then you've definitely got to get away to Banff this winter season.

Might as well visit the Banff Upper Hot Springs while you're at in Banff.

If you've decided to go for a road trip to Banff, you definitely can't leave without having had a soak at the Banff Upper Hot Springs. The views of the snowcapped Rockies are absolutely stunning.

Go on a getaway vacation at The Lodges at Canmore.

If you're visiting the charming little town of Canmore by the Rockies, then you definitely have to stay at The Lodges with their highly rated Groupon deals. Enjoy beautiful suites with private hot tubs and a massive outdoor pool.

Escape Calgary vibes and relax at Hidden Ridge Resort.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or just need to get away for a little while, Hidden Ridge is the perfect spot for you. Complete with hot tubs that over look incredible mountain and valley views, all your worries will melt away. And even better yet, there's a Groupon available for this spot.

Rent out a super cute Airbnb with your BFFs or bae.

Spend quality time with your favourite people or person in a secluded cottage away from the city and enjoy each others' company. These cottages are also super cheap to rent.

Go for a short trip to Edmonton and stay at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.

Heading over to Edmonton this winter season? Then you definitely want to stay at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. With this Groupon, you can get luxury suites with stunning views of the city at a discounted price.

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