40 Crazy Things That Happened To Calgary In 2017

The best and worst of the year.
40 Crazy Things That Happened To Calgary In 2017

December is here, and that means that it's officially the time of year for reminiscing. It seems to me that something about the holiday season brings out a sentimental feeling in a lot of us. Maybe it's because we're ready for the fresh starts and new beginnings that the upcoming new year has to offer us, or maybe it's because we miss how things were a few months ago.

Over the course of the year, we as people all go through unique changes and growth, and it's those small, every day changes that add up to create a major change by the end of the year. Of course, these changes don't just happen, it's the experiences that we go through that make them happen.

In Calgary, something new is always going on, no matter what time of year. From holiday themed festivals and events, to the Calgary Stampede, to spooky, Halloween ghost tours, we've really got it all. Being such a big city, it's a given that an abundance of events and crazy, exciting things are going to go down on a daily basis.

By the time the end of the year comes around, it's easy to forget all the little things that have occurred over the past twelve months. Time flies when you're having fun, right? Because we're feeling a bit sentimental ourselves, we've made a list of the craziest things that have happened in our great city in 2017. Have a read, reminisce, and get ready for all the craziness that 2018 is going to throw at you.

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Trudeau visits YYC

Back in January, our prince charming of a prime minister made a stop in YYC. Of course, not everyone was super pleased about this, with Alberta being the way it is, but you can't deny that the man has great hair, and is pretty easy on the eyes.

T.I. performs at Marquee

You can have whatever you like. On January 20th, T.I. made a stop at Marquee in Calgary and put on a great show for a ton of fans. I remember growing up listening to T.I., so having him perform in YYC was definitely a pretty cool moment.

Big Winter Classic

A lot of music festivals happen in the summer, but the whole idea behind Big Winter Classic is that you can still have a great time and enjoy live music in the winter. This four-day music festival celebrates the winter season, and up and coming musicians. If you couldn't make it this year, you should definitely check it out in 2018.

5th anniversary of Calgary Zoo Penguin Walk

This year was the 5th anniversary of the Calgary Zoo's annual penguin walk. If anything can get you up and out of bed during the cold winter months, it's definitely those cute, waddling penguins.

Glow Downtown Winter Light Festival

This free downtown festival brought together tens of thousands Calgarians in the heart of the city. Just because Christmas ends in December doesn't mean we stop celebrating and admiring beautiful lights.

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Billy Talent Concert

Everyone's inner scene kid went nuts. Billy Talent always puts on an amazing show, and this concert was no exception. One of my best friends is a huge fan, and to this day she still talks about how incredible it was.

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Winefest Calgary

What do Calgarians love almost as much as beer? Wine, of course. This festival brings together the cities' booziest and boujeeiest to sip on some of the best wine you can find in YYC.

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Arkells Concert

I was able to attend this show personally, and it's one I'll never forget. I saw the Arkells for the first time in the summer of 2016 here in Calgary, and when I heard they were coming back, I knew I had to be there. The show was super energetic and fun.

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$100 Film Festival

Calgary's $100 Film Fest is always a big hit, celebrating creative film talent and story telling. If the unique art of small-format celluloid film interests you, this festival should be added to your 2018 bucket list for sure.

The Human Age Exhibition at TELUS Spark

TELUS Spark often hosts popular Adult Only nights, but back in March they hosted an especially cool exhibit about The Human Age. The Adult Only nights always ensure that older patrons of TELUS Spark have a great time; we highly recommend them.

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Curated. Spring Market

We Calgarians love our markets, no matter what time of year. Curated comes around at the perfect time of year, the time to say hello to spring, and forget about your winter blues. 

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has been known to be rowdy in YYC, and 2017 was one for the books for sure. There were plenty of pub crawls and local events going on for us to get into the festive mood, and you best believe we took advantage of them.

Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

I've personally never attended a Calgary Comic Expo, but from what I've heard and seen, they're worth all the hype. The amount of work people put into their cosplay costumes is amazing, and even if you're not one to dress up, it might be worth buying a ticket just to admire everyone else. This year's expo also brought in a lot of big names including Stan Lee and Nathan Fillion.

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HOPSIN performs at Marquee

Calgary hip hop heads went nuts for this one. HOPSIN has a pretty strong fan base here in YYC, so when he put on a show at Marquee, plenty of people showed up to make it a night to remember.

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YYC Food Trucks Spring Frenzy

Something about the warm weather brings Calgarians outside to celebrate, every year. What better way to enjoy the season change than chowing down on some delicious food truck snacks? 

Calgary Poutine Festival

We may not be Montreal, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to do poutine. Calgary's week long festival, dedicated to this delicious combo, left the whole city feeling satisfied, and all poutined out, until 2018, of course.

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Calgary International Beerfest

Nobody does beer quite like Calgarians. This 2 day beer festival gave the city not only the opportunity to educate ourselves on our favourite drink, but also the opportunity to taste test all the best beers we have to offer.

JoJo at the Palace Theatre

You know it's just too little too late!!! My inner 12 year old is also super bitter that I missed this concert, because JoJo was definitely an idol growing up. From what I've seen, she put on an amazing show at the Palace Theatre.

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Market Collective

Another event that's so well deserving of the hype that surrounds it is Market Collective. If you can only make it to one market a year, make it this one. The vendors and live entertainment here will keep you entertained all day, and the only thing complaining might be your wallet.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert

Calgary doesn't often get big headliners, but this show was one for the books. The Red Hot Chili Peppers may be getting older, but they're just as good live as they are via recording.


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Lilac Festival

Lilac Fest is not only a YYC favourite, but also one of my personal favourites. Last year was my first time attending the festival, but the wide variety of food trucks, vendors, and live entertainment kept me busy and happy all day long.

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YYC Beer Week

Yet another festival celebrating beer, because what else would we celebrate in Calgary? This week is basically an excuse for Calgarians to check out new restaurants, and try out the amazing beers they have to offer. We're not complaining.

Kensington Foodie Festival

Kensington is one of Calgary's trendiest neighbourhoods, so where better to hold a summer food festival? This year was the first annual run, and it went great, so we're excited to see what 2018 has to offer us.

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Sled Island Music Festival

Calgary doesn't have a ton of music festivals, so when we're lucky enough to host them, you already know we go all in. Sled Island is a big deal around YYC, with over 250 acts to check out. If you couldn't make it this year, the 2018 lineup is in the works, and you'll want to grab tickets quickly.

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Russ Concert

This show was definitely one for the books. Russ is just as talented and beautiful live as he is via Spotify, and I would highly recommend seeing him at least once, if given the opportunity.

Calgary Stampede

This one should've been a given. Every Calgarian knows that the Stampede is a massive event every year, whether you love it or hate it. This year had a lot of big acts, including Usher, Big Sean, The Chainsmokers, and many, many more.

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Calgary Folk Music Festival

If you ever need an excuse to get drunk and listen to live music, you may want to check out the Calgary Folk Fest. This is always a big event on the YYC summer schedule, and this year was no exception.

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Canada Day

Calgary is a massive city, so when events like Canada Day come around, you have no shortage of things to do. Whether you found yourself partaking in a pub crawl downtown, or watching the fireworks at Scotsmans Hill, you probably had a great day.


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Any YYC firework fanatic will definitely find themselves at Globalfest in the summer. This spectacular friendly competition makes for amazing Instagram pictures, and even better memories.

Chasing Summer

Every Electronic and EDM fan in Calgary spends all year waiting for this infamous music festival. 2017 welcomed big names like Tiesto and Zedd, and they definitely made a big impression on YYC fans.

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One Love Music Festival

This years' One Love wasn't as great as previous years, seeing as Migos didn't show up, and the lineup was a lot smaller. That doesn't mean it wasn't a good time, though! Acts like Miss Lauryn Hill and Blackbear put on an amazing show for the crowd.

Marda Gras Street Festival

Attracting over 35,000 Calgarians, the Marda Gras Street Festival always make a big splash in our city. 2017 was the events 33rd year, and this year it included live music and other entertainment, shopping, and amazing food.

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Calgary Pride Parade

Nobody does Pride Week quite like Calgary. On September 3rd, the streets of downtown were covered in bright, beautiful rainbows for over 60,000 patrons. The celebrations are always incredible, and if you couldn't make it to 2017's parade, make sure you've got your outfit picked out for 2018.

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If beer festivals are your thing, there's a good chance you were at Calgary's 2017 celebration of Oktoberfest. Lots of local bars and pubs participated in the celebrations, providing delicious craft beer and food for patrons.

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Heritage Park Ghost Tours

It's never too early to get into the spooky spirit. TheHeritage Park Ghost Tours ran from mid-September to mid-October, and gave spectators a 90 minute tour of this super eery park after dark.

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Calgary International Film Festival

2017 was my first year attending the Calgary International Film Fest, and I can guarantee that it's definitely worth all the hype. There's plenty of unique and interesting films to be seen, that are worth every penny. Not to mention, all the venues give you a chance to explore your city in a new and unique way.


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Nenshi is re-elected

Back in October, Calgarians chose to re-elect our super cool mayor, Naheed Nenshi. The election campaigns were super intense, and there was a lot of speculation over whether he would be re-elected or not, but in the end he pulled through.

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Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe came to Marda Loop

Riverdale fans went nuts for this one. Back in October, a YYC favourite in Marda Loop, Boogie's Burgers turned into the infamous Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe for just one day. The first 200 patrons received free milkshakes, and a screening of the first episode of season two was held.


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Daniel Caesar Concert

I'll never forgive myself for missing this show. Tickets for Daniel Caesar sold out basically as soon as they were announced, which really isn't any surprise. From what I saw via Snapchat, the show was as amazing and magical as Caesar's voice.

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Roy Woods Concert

Novemeber was a big month for YYC R&B fans. Roy Woods put on an incredible show for fans at the Palace Theatre, which also sold out in the blink of an eye. Again, no surprise.