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40 Girls With Badass Jobs In Calgary

As a woman growing up in the 21st century, it's been so amazing to see the kind of growth and empowerment we women have gone through. Although it does still happen, it's very rare now to see women bringing one another down, or letting jealous and ignorance get in the way of supporting one another.

In Calgary especially, it seems that we have an amazing community of up and coming lady bosses, all who regularly work hard to support and help one another, support themselves, and constantly come up with new and innovative ideas to make their work better. Since moving here, I've met so many amazing, inspiring women who constantly motivate me to work harder.

With the invention of social networking apps, like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. it makes it easier than ever to share your work and market yourself in 2017. One of my favourite pastimes is using these apps to find new local talent in Calgary. From self-taught make-up artists to professional nail technicians, from bottle services girls, local fashion designers with their own clothing lines, it's insane to see how much talent and potential the women of Calgary have to offer us.

If you're looking to get inspired, take a look through our lists and follow some of these amazing women on Instagram; you won't be disappointed.

Girls With Badass Restaurant/Nightlife Jobs

Girls With Badass Beauty Jobs

Girls With Badass 'Girl Boss' Jobs

Girls With Badass Art Jobs

Girls With Badass Business Jobs

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Connie Rediron // @connierediron

Bottle Service at Bespoke

via @connierediron

Connie is pure proof that you can work hard and play hard. She studies Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University, but has her share of fun working as a Bottle Service girl at Bespoke night club.

Sarah Nunn // @sarah.nunn

Bartender at Knoxvilles & Model

via @sarah.nunn

When Sarah isn't working as a bartender at Knoxvilles, or posing for the camera, you can find her studying. She's currently pre-med, and aspires to become a surgeon or dermatologist. She's definitely living proof that blondes have more fun.

Mandy Alston // @mandyalston

Manager of Run Pig Run

via @mandyalston

This gorgeous girl boss is the manager of the trendy Calgary spot, Run Pig Run. The Eatery & Bar just opened recently, back in September, but is quickly becoming a popular hot spot for Calgarians. We can't wait to see what else Mandy has to offer the city.

Jamie Delia // @jamiedelia

Liquor Rep

via @jamiedelia

This gal knows a thing or two about how to party. As a liquor rep for brands like Bacardi, Grey Goose and Patron, Jamie gets to host and attend the best events in Calgary.

Kenadie Morrison // @kenadiem

Manager & Bartender at Ranchman's

via @kenadiem

You can usually find Kenadie bartending at the infamous Calgary hot spot, Ranchman's. In her spare time though, you can also find her modelling, or going on adventures with her boyfriend, which she documents on her Instagram.

Ellise Sekulich // @ellisesekulich

Bartender at Sharkclub South & Marquee

via @ellisesekulich

Ellise is a YYC night life pro. You can usually find her pouring drinks at either Sharkclub South or Marquee Beer Market & Stage. She doesn't spend all her time behind the bar though, this is a girl who definitely knows how to have fun.

Robbi Rose // @robbi_rose

Bartender at Knoxvilles

via @robbi_rose

This Australian beauty has probably served you a drink or two at Knox. When she's not at the country club, though, you can find her at Fabutan in Marda Loop; that explains how she stays so flawlessly tanned, even through our rough Canadian winters.

Sheena Lee // @misssheenalee

Bartender at Cowboys

via @misssheenalee

Although Sheena obviously keeps busy as a full-time mom, she also spends a lot of time working on her physique, as she's a pro bikini competitor, and bartending at Cowboys. This boss lady really does it all.

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Paige Croasdale // @jenniferpaige and @hairbypaigecroasdale


via @jenniferpaige

Paige is an EC Academy Alumna, and currently works at Laura Brows in NW Calgary. Besides being extremely beautiful herself, Paige also specializes in making other people's hair beautifully; she specializes in blondes but does amazing work on everyone. She's only 19 years old, but has started her own successful hair extension brand.

Haley Peterson // @haleyannepeterson


via @haleyannepeterson

I may be biased because she's my hairdresser, but Haley is incredibly talented. She recently relocated to Parallel Lines Hair Studio, and is totally killing it there, especially considering she's so new to the hair scene. Haley has also done modelling work in the past, which is no surprise with her killer cheek bones.

Mariam Akbar // @mariam_akbar

Makeup Artist & Beauty Instructor

via @mariam_akbar

Mariam is a wizard with a makeup brush. She's always working on incredible looks, whether they're on herself, or on a model. Gemstones and diamonds are her speciality, but she can make anyone sparkle.

Megan Krepakevich // @mkbeautylife

Beauty YouTuber

via @mkbeautylife

Megan is a local Calgary Youtuber, who primarily vlogs about health, beauty, and fitness. She's super talented with a makeup brush, and incredibly charming. Those bright blue eyes always look great on camera.

Kimber Elise // @beautyinjector

Cosmetic Nurse Injector at Frida Beauty Bar

via @beautyinjector

I guess it's safe to say that making other people beautiful makes you look beautiful too. You can find Kimber keeping people flawless at Frida Beauty Bar, where they offer an abundance of services to keep your skin clear and your complexion glowing. There's nothing more badass than a healthy glow.

Naz Rahman // @miniinaaz

Beauty Content Creator & YouTuber

via @miniinaaz

Naz has built up a strong following for herself, and it's no surprise why, with all of her amazing content. Her makeup tutorials are very well executed and informative, and her Instagram feed is to die for.

Jessica Grant // @jessica.grant

Makeup Artist & YouTuber

via @jessica.grant

Of course, we're showing some love to another super talented YYC MUA. Jessica has been showing off her makeup creations via Instagram for quite some time now, but has recently started venturing in Youtube, showing her fans how she creates her amazing looks. Her quirky personality and firey red hair make her videos all the more entertaining.

Vanessa Kenge // @hairbyvanessak


via @hairbyvanessak

YYC is full of amazing hairstylists, and Vanessa is definitely one that falls under that category. She's one of the few stylists that still works from home, which is definitely a rare commodity if you prefer privacy and quiet. Her work is phenomenal, and her Insta feed is super fun to scroll through.

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Aime-Lynn Mitchell // @amielynnsteelmitchell

Promoter for Red Bull Canada

via @amielynnsteelmitchell

Amie-Lynn really is living the dream. As a promoter for Red Bull, she gets to travel around Western Canada and hand out Red Bull to thirsty, sleep-deprived students like you and me.

Sam Tuff // @sam.tuff

Professional Snowboarder

via @sam.tuff

Sam has been hitting the slopes for basically her whole life, and all her hard work has paid off. She's sponsored by companies like Burton and Oakley, whose support make her hard work and dedication to her craft even easier.

Mimi Oldfield // @spooky_chic

Blogger & YouTuber

via @spooky_chic

Mimi has been making YouTube videos since 2012, primarily focusing on fashion and beauty, but always throwing in her own alternative and unique twist. She's super adorable, and so fun to watch.

Rachel Antony // @almostffamous

Blogger, Content Creator, & Freelance Writer

via @almostffamous

If anyone knows how to keep busy, it's Rachel. Between working as an account manager for a marketing firm, the content manager for DateNight, and freelance writing for her own blog, she somehow manages to find time to constantly scout out the city for the best food spots, and stay fit.

Laura Berg // @heyimlb and @nourishsweatsoul

Creator of Nourish Sweat Soul, Yoga Teacher, & Holistic Nutritionist

via @heyimlb

Travelling between YYC and LAX, Laura runs Nourish Sweat Soul, an ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable clothing brand. If you need motivation during spin class, or holistic nutrition coaching, Laura is your go-to girl.

Emily Thwaites // @itssimplyem_

Social Media + Blog Coordinator, Fashion + Lifestyle Writer, & Photographer

via @itssimplyem_

Emily really is the definition of girl boss. From writing for Dote Magazine, to travelling all around the province, snapping tons of beautiful shots with her girlfriend, she really does it all. Her Instagram feed will fill you with a serious case of wanderlust, and her writing is super fun to read.

Nisha Johny // @nishajohny

Radio Host & YouTuber

via @nishajohny

Not only is Nisha super beautiful, she's also hilarious and entertaining. Her Youtube videos will have you laughing for hours, and she's always got the best local food recommendations and outfit inspiration.

Megan West // @wellstyledwanderer

Fashion Blogger

via @wellstyledwanderer

As a recent Fashion Marketing graduate, Megan is just dipping her feet in the water of the fashion world, but we'd say she's succeeding with flying colours. Her blog, Well Styled Warrior is a way for her to tell her story as it unfolds, with her constant adventures, food stops, and outfits of the day.

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Meaghan Wozniak // @meaghanwozniaak


via @meaghanwozniaak

Meaghan is a Calgary based photographer, and although she loves being behind the lens, she sometimes steps in front of it to strike a pose. Her work is absolutely stunning; so if you're looking for a photoshoot, you know who to hit up.

Sophia Brown // @sophiabrowntattoos

Tattoo Artist at Electric Odyssey Tattoos

via @sophiabrowntattoos

Sophia has had a passion for drawing from a young age, and has turned that passion into a career as a tattoo artist. She particularly has an interest in sketching realistic portraits of people and animals, but all of her tattoo work is amazing.

Janine Deanna // @janinedeanna and @janinedeannaphotography

Wedding Photographer

via @janinedeanna

Janine is easily one of the best wedding photographers that Alberta has to offer. The magic she makes behind the camera matches how beautiful and photogenic she looks in photos. Her Instagram is also full of her own personal adventures and product reviews.

Jaclynn Phillips // @jacinthewild and @arttherapyyyc

Art Therapist

via @jacinthewild

When she's not adventuring in the mountains, you can find Jaclynn helping others express themselves through Art Therapy. Her passion for helping others shines through via her social media presence, not to mention, her feed is super fun to scroll through.

Amy Bell // @modern_nest_photography and @wildernestyyc

Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

via @modern_nest_photography

Amy is proof that you can still be a badass as a single mother. Her photography has a certain timeless elegance to it, and is so amazing to look at. Her second Instagram consists of her adventures with her two songs, and it's basically the cutest thing you'll ever see.

Alexandra Holden Wolfe // @alexandraalydia


via @alexandraalydia

Alexandra is the founder of her own blog, which seeks to rebrand feminism for what it truly is. She's currently finishing her BA in English Literature, and has already achieved the major accomplishment of having her first novel published, back in 2015.

Megan Powell // @littledotcreative

Photographer & Blogger

via @littledotcreative

Megan isn't your average photographer. Yes, her work is incredibly stunning, but apart from her raw talent, she also co-owns @meplusyoustudios, a wedding and lifestyle photography duo, and is a co-leader of @calgaryrisingtide, a group dedicated to empowering Calgary creatives.

Lindsay Ell // @lindsayell

Musician, Singer, & Songwriter

via @lindsayell

Calgary girl Linday Ell has toured the world with big names like The Band Perry and Luke Bryan, and has been named one of CMT's Next Women of Country. Her album, The Project is out now, and is definitely one to add to your playlist if you're a fan of country.

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Julie Redmond // @style_by_jr

Fashion Stylist

via @style_by_jr

Julie is a fashion expert, if I've ever seen one. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful, perfectly crafted outfits that will make you wish you had half of her wardrobe. She offers super helpful services for those who are seeking fashion direction, including closet reviews, special event stylings, and personal shopping.

Irene Rudnyk // @irenerudnyk or @irenerudnykphotography

YouTuber & Photographer

via @irenerudnyk

As if being a talented photographer isn't badass enough, Irene also makes a living as a Youtuber. She recently got engaged, and spends a lot of time travelling the world and documenting her adventures. Definitely worth checking out!

Jenny Lee // @hermoderncanvas

Marketer & Blogger

via @hermoderncanvas

Jenny discovered her passion for marketing in her first year of university, and has been working hard to create amazing content ever since. Within her first year of school, she had landed two marketing internships, allowing her to gain exposure and experience in the tech and startup community. She offers services in content creation, photography, coaching, and social media workshops.

Mia Shettler // @the_wellth

Health & Wellness Coach

via @the_wellth

After the holiday season, you're probably looking to cleanse your body of all the snacks you've consumed. This is when you'll want to reach out to Mia, who can coach you on how to come closer to your health and wellness goals in 2018. She offers services like meal plans, online support, and pantry revamps.

Elisa Boyd // @elisajenks

Co-Founder of Juice Because

via @elisajenks

After graduating with a Business Communications Degree from MRU, Elisa took some time off to travel the world. She later returned back to YYC, met her business partner, and together, the two developed Juice Because, a delicious, cold pressed juice company.

Brenna Hardy // @styleista_brenna and @styleista_ca

M. Partner at Styleista

via @styleista_brenna

Brenna is walking proof that blondes have more fun. She is an entrepreneur who has a history in business, as well as event management, as well as over a decade of experience in personal styling, fashion retail, and wardrobe styling. Brenna can regularly be spotted on television and in print, not just in Calgary, but nation wide.

Rhonda Law // @simply.kindly

Owner of BARK & Blogger

via @simply.kindly

Rhonda is a lady boss with a variety of skills, including designing, baking, and creating. Her dog biscuit company BARK made it's debut at the 2017 Market Collective, and has been making major waves in YYC ever since.

Emily Johns // @quartzandquinoa

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, & Yoga Teacher

via @quartzandquinoa

Emily is a jack of all trades, and she really knows how to put them all to use. She knows a ton about living a healthy lifestyle, and offers services including personal training, weight loss coaching, yoga instruction, all while running her blog, Quartz + Quinoa.

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