5 Epic Routes From Calgary To Vancouver You Have To Road Trip Through This Summer

You know how you and your friends have said "omg we HAVE to do a road trip this summer!" like forty thousand times and have never done anything more than an hour and a half drive to Banff? Well, no more excuses. We've taken the liberty of planning out five different routes that will take you from Calgary to Vancouver, showing you the best of the west. 

Grab your buddies, grab your camping gear, and most important of all, stock up on car snacks. Oh, and don't forget the AUX cord so you can bump a sweet road trip playlist that will keep morale high during those long stints. Choose your route and start off summer with an EPIC road trip that will give you memories (and photos) that will last a lifetime. 

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Route 1 // Fast and Furious

Time: 10h 36m

Highlights: Canmore, Banff, Golden, Revelstoke, Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford

If you're looking for the fastest route to Van without catching a flight, this route will get you there. You get to pass through some of the staple mountain towns of the west, while still getting there in a minimal time frame.

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Route 2 // The Scenic Route

Time: 14h 30m

Highlights: Crowsnest Pass, Fernie, Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford

If you're looking for a meandering route that will relax the soul and introduce you to some of the smaller, more quaint mountain towns, this is the route for you. I hear there are some excellent beef jerky shops along the way.

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Route 3 // Lakeside Detour

Time: 12h 23m

Highlights: Canmore, Banff, Revelstoke, Vernon, Kelowna, Chilliwack Abbotsford

This route will take you through Kelowna, which is a gorgeous lake town often referred to as the "California of Canada". The water sports are great and the wine is better. And don't worry, this detour won't cost you too much extra time on the road!

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Route 4 // Whistler Bound

Time: 12h 34m

Highlights: Canmore, Banff, Golden, Revelstoke, Kamloops, Whistler, Squamish

If your dream road trip through the west coast includes a couple days hitting up the mountain biking trails and spas in Whistler, this is the one for you. You'll also get to pass through Kamlooops (Tip: go to the lake/beach at sunset and take in the views, this spot is SO underrated) and Squamish.

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Route 5 // Trip Across The Border

Time: 14h 28m

Highlights: Crowsnest Pass, Fernie, Spokane (US), Seattle (US), Richmond

This route will take you through the country of our neighbours to the south, which is awesome if you don't get across the border too often. It's one of the longer routes, but totally worth it if you're dying to see Seattle on the way.

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