A run-in with the local police is the last thing that most people want on any day of the week, let alone on their actual birthday. In fact, getting pulled over and fined for a driving offence might just be the worst birthday present ever, unless you’re an adorable 5-year-old-girl in an Audi, that is.

A little girl in Calgary likely had the fright of her life on Friday morning, when she was pulled over by police only moments after receiving a brand new Audi for her 5th birthday. Ok, it wasn’t a real Audi, or a real car for that matter, or even a real driving ticket, but she did have a real-life run-in with a Calgary police officer and the interaction seems like the sweetest thing you will see all day!

In an adorable Twitter post at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning, the Calgary Police official page wrote, “Marlowe got a new car for her birthday and got a little carried away in all the excitement.Happy birthday Marlowe. Drive safe! #yyc.”

The post featured a sample of a Facebook post, which was written by 5-year-old Marlowe’s parents. In the post, they joked, “It was my daughter Marlowe’s 5th birthday yesterday. She got a sports car. It was the wrong place, wrong time though.”

The photo that accompanied the post showed an adorable picture of Marlowe, driving a small-human-sized electric toy car, being pulled over by a faux-stern looking Calgary police officer on a motorbike.

To really add authenticity to the situation, Marlowe was issued with an ‘official’ Calgary Police driving ticket and speeding fine of $534- although we’re pretty sure they’re not really going to enforce it!

In true Canadian fashion, several Twitter users jumped straight on-board with Calgary Police’s joke, making hilarious comments about the pretend interaction.

One user joked, “Audi drivers are the worst....” and another added, “Phew! Thanks for keeping the roads safe.. I bet she was also driving with out a proper licence and I think that looks like a tinted windshield!’

Calgary Police also posted the interaction on their official Facebook page, which was met with plenty of positive responses from Canadians. One Facebook user wrote, “My girls got “pulled over” by RCMP in Okotoks & got “tickets” for wearing helmets on their bikes — THEY LOVED IT! It reinforced positive interaction with police & rewarded them with ice cream tickets from McDonald’s— this is wonderful, I can’t say enough good things about this idea!”

Another added, “I love when you all have fun like this!! I believe it makes an impact on children to know that Police are our friends and not to fear them. Kudos to this officer who took the time to do this, I’m sure it will be something she will never forget and bring lots of laughs around the dinner table!”

Ticket or not, Marlowe definitely had a fifth birthday she will never forget!