Are you in need of some R & R but don't have the time or money to jet off to the Caribbean any time soon? Well hey, good thing you live where you do! Calgary is close to a plethora of natural hot springs that are guaranteed to take your stress away while also giving you some awesome views of our beautiful country (and some great backdrops for photos, might I add..).

Whether you're in need of some "me" time (#treatyoself), or the gals are looking for an excuse to get out of the city, this is definitely the answer you've been searching for. Here is a list of 6 hot springs that are within driving distance from Calgary that will give you the escape from reality that you've been craving.

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1. Banff Upper Hot Springs // AB

Distance From Calgary: 1.5 hours

Have you ever seen a more perfect sunset? This spot is so close to the city while also being the perfect escape from it. With stunning mountain views, it's sure to clear your mind from the stresses of everyday life. Plus, it's in Banff, so you can spend the morning shopping and wandering the town and the afternoon relaxing in the pools!

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2. Radium Hot Springs // BC

Distance From Calgary: 3 hours

Still relatively close to the city, this spot is located just across the border in BC. Wedged on the side of the mountain, it gives you stunning views and a frosty rock face for photo ops. It's the perfect heated haven from the chilly temperatures still lingering outside. 

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3. Fairmont Hot Springs // BC

Distance From Calgary: 3.5 hours

This spot has both a hot springs pool as well as a small natural hot spring (that is much more photogenic). Whichever one suits your fancy, they both have unreal mountain views that will melt your stress away. The big pool can get pretty busy, so try to pick an obscure time to go!

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4. Lussier Hot Springs // BC

Distance From Calgary: 4 hours

If you're all about those natural vibes, then this is the hot spring for you. Hidden in the rocks of this river are steamy pools that will help you immerse yourself in nature. Deadlines? What deadlines??

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5. Miette Hot Springs // AB

Distance From Calgary: 6 hours

Although this last spot is a further drive from the city, its views totally make up for it. Located in Jasper National Park, it's the perfect day trip if you're spending a couple days in Jasper itself (which I totally recommend doing).

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6. Ainsworth Hot Springs // BC

Distance From Calgary: 7.5 hours

This isn't your average hot spring. Why, you ask? Because it has CAVES that you can swim through while you soak up all those natural minerals. Is that not the coolest thing ever? Yes it's a hike from Calgs, but c'mon, it's totally worth it.