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6 Insane Fitness Classes In Calgary That'll Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution

We're just a few days into 2017 and we're all still in that adorable phase where we wholeheartedly believe we will keep our New Years resolutions. We all plan to eat clean, stay fit and refrain from getting drunk texting our exes. Now, I can't really help you with that last one, but as for the first two, I might be able to offer you some service before your "cheat day" turns into a "cheat year."

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Working out can often be a little boring and it often causes some of us to fall off the wagon and go back to eating pizza because that's clearly so much more fun. However, YYC has a bunch of fitness classes that actually might be just as fun as eating pizza, (and it won't give you major muffin top afterward.) Personally, I love to workout without feeling like I'm actually working out - and if you're like me, these fitness classes are definitely the place for you to hold on to those New Years Resolutions.

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SURFSET @ Studio Revolution

Love surfing? Well, sadly in our dry, cold prairies, there aren't many surfing opportunities. Except at a surfset fitness class, of course. Try out the amazing surfboard workout that'll have you feel like you're riding the waves with every session. Not to mention, burning major calories! Surf set classes at Studio Revolution will definitely keep you on track for your New Years resolution all year around.

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Aerial Fitness @ Fit Republic YYC

Aerial Fitness (also known as Aerial Yoga or Anti-Gravity Yoga) is one of the most fun ways to stay active and get in an amazing stretch. While yoga isn't everyone's forte, aerial classes are a super fun way to incorporate yoga, stretching, and sometimes even dance, to your workout. Burn calories without even touching the ground! Aerial fitness at Fit Republic YYC will have you feeling like you're on top of the world this year.

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Pole Fitness @ PoleJunkies

Look sexy, feel sexy, sweat sexy. Now, I'm sure people might have different opinions on this, but trust me on this, pole fitness classes are one of the best ways to work up a sexy sweat. You'll come to learn pole dancing takes a lot of strength and technique, and the ladies over at Pole Junkies will have you looking and feeling like a pro. Not only will you have burned a whole lot of calories, you'll have some new material to take home to bae... what more could you ask for this year?

Cardio Jump Classes @ Junction 9

All the mocha lattes, you gotta do Pilates! Kanye told us. However, sometimes pilates can be a little boring. So, why not add a little fun to it? Cardio Jump Classes at Junction 9 is an awesome way to get your pilates and your cardio in and stay true to your New Years Resolution. You're basically on a trampoline and get to get that heart rate up just a little quicker... also, let's not leave out how great it is for some killer abs! Get that beach bod this year!

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Dance Fitness Classes @ Free Spirit Dance

Nothing is more fun than busting a move to kick in the cardio and burn some extra calories. Free Spirit Dance has your back. Whether you're into Hip-Hop, Burlesque, Afro-Fusion, or Caribbean style dance - Free Spirit Dance has a large variety of dance classes to help you have fun while getting in shape this year. There is never a dull moment with the amazing dance teachers at Free Spirit Dance!

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Barre Body Studio // 1202 20 Ave SE

Second Location: 4251 Bow Trail SE

Sweat pretty and live out your childhood dreams of being a ballerina at YYC's Barre Body Studio. Barre is a combination of ballet, Pilates, cardio and resistance training. The perfect way to have fun, and shed some serious 2016 calories and feel insanely graceful while doing it! Kick some fitness a$$ this year!

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