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Top 6 New Calgary Things You'll Really Want To Do For Your Birthday

Go shorty, it's your birthday!

Although some people out there claim to "hate" their birthday, I've never been one of those people. I've always been one to plan a big party (or a whole weekend's worth if we're being honest), and I'm always more than happy to do the same thing for my friends. 

A lot of Calgarians do the same things for their birthday - a party bus to Cowboys, dinner at Cleaver, or a day of fun and games at The Rec Room. That's all good and fun, but why not switch it up a little and try something new?! Here are some super fun and new things in Calgary that you'll really want to do for your birthday:

Play some games at Greta Bar

Arcade style bars have been popping up all over the place lately, and once you've been to one you'll definitely understand why. There's something so fun about feeling like a kid again and being able to enjoy a few drinks while you play all your favourite games makes it that much better. Greta has been receiving raving reviews since it recently opened, and it's usually the spot to be on a weekend in the city!

Spend the day in your swimsuit at Sylvan Lake's Aqua Splash

If you're lucky enough to have a birthday in the summer - take advantage of it! Sylvan Lake's Aqua Splash may not be "new", but it is re-opening for the summer season soon, and that's good enough for us! Head on a quick road trip with all your friends and spend your day in the water, soaking up the sunshine.

Go glamping at Good Knights Medieval Encampment

Game of Thrones may have come to an end, but you can still get your medieval fix right here in Alberta! Good Knights is located in Three Hills, and it offers a seriously unique glamping experience. Book a tent with your friends for the weekend and spend your birthday practicing your archery skills and travelling back in time.

Grab some shisha with friends at Lure on 17th

As far as hookah lounges go in Calgary, we've got some pretty good options, especially on 17th Ave! Lure Lounge opened recently, and they offer not only a great selection of shisha flavours, but also awesome drinks (try the Pineapple Mojito - you won't regret it), good music, and a comfortable atmosphere.

Treat yourself to brunch at Mahogany's Diner Deluxe

Birthday brunch, anyone? Diner Deluxe has become a long-standing favourite here in Calgary, and their new location in Mahogany is the perfect place for you to celebrate with a tasty meal! As a bonus, the decor of the restaurant is super cute, so you'll definitely get that perfect birthday 'gram.

Check out the sunflower maze at Cobb's Adventure Park

This is another reason why I'm envious of anyone with a summer birthday. Cobb's Adventure Farm is a great place for any animal and outdoors lover to spend their day! After cuddling with the adorable baby kangaroos, you and your friends can head out to the new sunflower maze to get lost and have the time of your lives.