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7 Allegedly Haunted Places To Explore In Alberta This Fall

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is definitely evidence of supernatural beings all around us in day to day life. Maybe you've never experienced it firsthand, but chances are you've heard stories, or seen something on TV about weird paranormal activity.

If you and your friends are into ghost hunting, Alberta actually has some super creepy spots you can check out. From burning brides, to friendly ghosts, you'll probably meet at least one of the many spirits lurking around. 

1. Banff Springs Hotel // 405 Spray Ave, Banff

Legend has it that in 1932, a bride to be tripped down the stairs of the hotel, broke her neck, and died. It's since been reported that hotel patrons have seen the ghost of the bride dancing alone in the dining room, and bursting into flames shortly after. There have also been reports of a former hotel employee helping out, as if he never left.

2. La Boheme Restaurant Bed & Breakfast // 6427 112 Ave, Edmonton

This one is a little morbid. Apparently a former employee of La Boheme was brutally murdered, dragged down three flights of stairs, dismembered, and fed piece by piece into the furnace. The buildings original furnace is still in use to this day, and patrons say that the sound of a head banging down three flights of stairs can be heard at night.

3. Walterdale Playhouse // 10322 83 Ave, Edmonton 

Interested in meeting a friendly ghost? The resident haunter of the Walterdale Playhouse goes by Walt, and has been known to help people up the stairs, turn lights on and off, move props, and even play the piano.

4. Bowman Arts Centre // 811 5 Ave, Lethbridge

Staff members of the Bowman have reported sounds of a little girl crying coming from the women's washroom, but the actual figure of the little girl has never been found.

5. Concordia University // 7128 Ada Blvd, Edmonton

Rumour has it that Concordia University is haunted by the sounds of a mens choir, and doors slamming in empty buildings. Other people have reported a general feeling of anxiety and paranoia while on campus.

6. Galt Museum & Archives // 502 1st Street, Lethbridge

The Galt was actually once a hospital, which explains why it would be haunted. Apparently, a patient lost his life in an elevator while being wheeled to the operating room for his appendectomy. The man's footsteps can be heard wandering the halls at night, and the elevator doors have been known to open unexpectedly.

7. Rouge Restaurant // 1240 8 Ave SE, Calgary

Restaurant staff have reported the presence of a little girl running about and playing in the kitchen and by the fireplace. She apparently is a very peaceful and happy ghost, and the apparition of her father has also been sensed by some.

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