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7 Best Places In Calgary To Get After-Work Drinks

Release the stresses of your 9-5

Sometimes the 9 to 5 life can be a little stressful, so it's always nice to have a little pick-me-up after a long day of work. While most people may have different opinions about getting totally hammered on a work day, sometimes you just need to do what you gotta do to make it through the week. Plus if you invite a couple of coworkers along, you can think of this as company team building ?.

Calgary has an abundance of places to grab a nice and well-deserved after-work drink, no matter what your work schedule is. And you'll never have to miss out on happy hour pricing. Nothing eases a stressed soul like a little alcohol. Here are 7 places you can grab a drink, sit back and relax after your work day.

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PRLR Lounge // 124 10th St NW

Working the late shifts? Grab a late night cocktail from PRLR Lounge from 11 p.m. to close from Sunday through Thursday. Oh, the happiest of hours.

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Klein / Harris // 110 8 Ave SW

Grab a $5 glass of beer or wine at Klein / Harris during their happy hour from Tuesday to Friday from 3 - 6pm to make the work week just a little bit easier.

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Bottlescrew Bill's & Buzzards // 140 10 Ave SW

Head over to Bottlescrew Bill's Pub from 4 - 7 pm from Monday through Friday for $5 pints of beer and $4 highballs to release the stresses of a long day at work.

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Juliet's Castle // 440 16th Ave NE

Need a nice cold beer after an overnight shift? (or two.. or a whole jug) Head on over to Juliet's Castle for a $4.75 domestic beer pints or $12.50 for a 60 oz jug. (Everyday until 6pm)

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Vin Room // multiple locations

Nothing makes up for a long day of work like a glass of fine wine. Especially from Vin Room. Visit Vin Room from 3 - 6pm or 9pm to close for a taste of their $7 special wine or a $5 "Bartender's Choice" beer pour. (Which also pairs nicely with the $2 oysters.)

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National on 8th // 225 8 Ave SW #360

Need to beat a strong case of the Mondays? National on 8th has a $0.25 per ounce special for everything on tap all day on Mondays. (And from 3 - 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday)

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Cactus Club Cafe // multiple locations

Cactus Club Cafe offers amazing happy hours from 9pm to close on Sunday through Thursday. $4 Bellinis & Movin wine, $3 Longboard lager, and so much more. Talk about an after-work pick-me-up!