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7 Influential Calgarians With Awesome Jobs

7 Influential Calgarians With Awesome Jobs

Since the digital age has taken over, the world is practically at our fingertips. Between all the uploading, downloading and sharing, social networking has essentially become a way of life. We practically depend on the Internet for our livelihood and because of this, we need it to be consistently fast and reliable.

Calgary is full of influencers and creators who rely on the Internet and social media to connect and share. From entrepreneurs to stylists and bloggers, these Calgarians have us feeling some serious career-envy. They've mastered the art of networking and are able to inspire, connect and share their hard work with thousands of people from Calgary and around the world! If that isn’t completely badass, I don’t know what is.

If you need some career inspiration or want to see just how incredible it can be to work in this city, check out these 7 Calgarians who will definitely leave you inspired:

Jocelyn Jacobson // Fashion & Travel Blogger

Jocelyn Jacobson is taking the blogging world in Calgary by storm. Her blend of western-inspired fashion and Alberta's beautiful Rocky Mountains is incredible and definitely deserves recognition. Jocelyn shares all her fashion secrets and the incredible details of her travel adventures on her blog, The Fox and Fern, and Instagram page where we are all living vicariously through her!

Scott Bakken // Photographer, Founder of Socality, Blogger

Scott Bakken is a jack of all trades. Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer and travel blogger, but Scott is also the founder of Socality, the global network that emphasizes the importance of community and works towards connecting cultural innovators. Scott launched Socality in January 2014 and the online global community has been growing rapidly ever since.

Chinenye Mary Otakpor // Blogger, Stylist

Chinenye Mary Otakpor is a fashion blogger and stylist who is all about spreading positive vibes and looking absolutely fabulous while doing it. Chinenye's eye for fashion is evident on her blog, Queen's Playground, as well as in her Instagram posts which showcase her amazing style and day-to-day looks. Chinenye is your go-to when it comes to classy looks that are sure to make heads turn.

Beni Johnson // Entrepreneur, Artist, Founder of 10 at 10 Calgary

Beni Johnson has mastered the world of entrepreneurship. Named one of Calgary's Top 40 under 40 in 2015, Beni Johnson is the founder of the media and entertainment platform, 10 at 10 Calgary. His goal was to set a home for and expand the hip-hop scene in Calgary. He did exactly that with 10 at 10, which showcases artists and promotes the hip-hop community in Calgary.

Ania Boniecka // Model, Blogger

Ania B has the fashion world at her feet. Starting out as a young model, blogger and Alberta College of Art & Design student, Ania managed to utilize her talents, turn them into a business and become an online fashion icon. Sharing her impeccable style through her blog and Instagram page, Ania B is Calgary's fashion goals.

Lianne Moseley // Makeup Artist

In the simplest terms, Lianne Moseley is a makeup wizard. We say this because the way she transforms faces is truly magical. Lianne can get you from runway ready to looking identical to The Incredible Hulk - if that isn't badass, I don't know what is. Lianne showcases her insane makeup artistry on her Instagram and website leaving us all in awe with every look she puts together!

Meyah W // Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

If you need to learn a thing or two about life, Meyah W is your go-to. Meyah is a fashion & lifestyle blogger that will keep you looking stylish as ever while helping you "survive adulting" all at the same time. Meyah shares her spunky style and her love for food on her Instagram and gives us fashion details and everyday life advice and teaches us how to be badass on her blog, The Selfish Column.

How incredible are these jobs? Over the past few years, we’ve had a huge rise in influencers, bloggers, YouTube stars and people who pretty much make a living off the internet. And the best part is, even you can do it! All you really need is, well... the Internet. Fast and reliable internet with great upload speeds that is.

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