If you're on the job hunt in Calgary, it's not always easy to find something that strikes your fancy and pays your bills at the same time. Well, that's actually the case everywhere. None the less, it's always interesting to see what's out there in terms of jobs in Calgary. If you're looking to find a new job or just to see what sort of industries exist in the city, a little browsing never hurt anybody.

Because we also love to see what's out there, we've rounded up a list of Calgary jobs that are hiring right now and pay around $100,000 or more in annual salary.

Naturally, many jobs at that pay level require experience. If you don't check all the boxes, it's always worth applying because, you know, what's the worst that could happen?

Also, it's an excellent exercise to get an idea of what the high-level jobs in your industry look like to get a little goal clarity and maybe even seek mentorship or information about those positions.

There are many industries in Calgary that are wildly diverse. So, you'll likely find something that interests you on this list. Whether you're in the tech space or more fond of working with your hands, we've got something for you.

Manager, Strategy & Business Operations

Salary: $98,270 to $154,609 a year

Company: The City of Calgary

Why You Should Apply: If you love all things Calgary, you might as well work for the City of Calgary. This role oversees the Business Management team, the Office Administrative team and provides strategic advice, among other things.

With incredible work-life balance, competitive pay, a great benefits package, and tons of collaboration opportunities, this is the perfect place for a passionate Calgarian to work.

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Project Manager

Salary: $100,000 to $130,000 a year

Company: KPI Staffing

Why You Should Apply: KPI staffing is a Recruitment & Staffing Agency in Calgary. The Project Manager position is intended to take the reins and oversee projects from when they are assigned to when they are completed.

You’ll get full dental and medical, a company car, paid time off, and more.

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Vice-Provost (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), University of Calgary

Salary: $142,000 to $230,000 a year

Company: The University of Calgary

Why You Should Apply: The position of Vice-Provost in the area of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is an academic leadership position dedicated to advocating for relationship building and politics and practices.

The Vice-Provost must have a PhD, EdD or equivalent professional qualification. So, this one’s for all you academics out there.

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Construction Superintendent

Salary: $100,000 to $125,000 a year

Company: Delnor Construction

Why You Should Apply: This wonderful opportunity only requires a "registered Apprenticeship certificate or equivalent experience 5 years or more."

We don't know if you've been checking out listings lately, but that's far more approachable than 15 years of industry experience like you might see elsewhere.

If you want to be the big cheese on the site, this might be the job for you.

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Business Development Manager

Salary: $100,000 to $150,000 a year

Company: HCD Canada

Why You Should Apply: Hydrocarbon Dynamics is hiring a Business Development Manager to lead marketing in Canada.

If you’re interested in working in oil and gas and you’d like to nurture your creativity, this might be the perfect fit. There is a preferred background in Energy Sales but you might just be the unicorn they never knew they needed.

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Salary: $130,000 to $175,000 a year

Company: Apex Well Servicing Inc.

Why You Should Apply: It wouldn't be a list of jobs in Alberta if at least one oil rig job wasn't included. Apex is looking for a Driller (or Rig Operator) to join their team.

With minimal experience needed, you can hop right into an extremely well-paid position. With benefits, professional development and more, you might be looking at your next career.

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Corporate Controller

Salary: $105,000 to $120,000 a year

Company: Stampede Drilling Inc.

Why You Should Apply: Another oil job for good measure. This individual is in charge of financial and management reports as well as implementation and documentation across other departments.

If you have a background in accounting and Drilling Services, you might be the perfect candidate for this high-level position. Not to mention, the team volunteers together.

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