We all have that one friend who hates camping. If we're being honest, I am that friend. I prefer the finer things in life, like 3 pillows on my bed, free wifi so I can binge watch Netflix, and a shower that stays hot for longer than 5 minutes.

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If done right, though, I'll admit that camping can be fun. I don't mind spending time outdoors as long as I have a nice, comfortable bed to come back to at the end of the day. Alberta actually has some super cool campsites, that are perfect for the person in your life that hates camping. Check out our list, and start planning your next trip!

1. Contemporary Log Cabin // Bragg Creek

Sleeps: 1-4 guests


  • Picturesque scenery

  • Horse shelters, chicken coops, ponds, and creeks nearby

  • Luxurious and spacious amenities

Price: $200/night

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2. Romantic Lakeside Lodge // Lake Louise

Sleeps: 2 guests


  • King sized bed

  • WiFi available in certain areas, or in room upon request

  • Indoor fireplace

  • Hiking trails just outside

Price: $287

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3. Secluded Cabin in the Rockies // Hinton

Sleeps: 1-10 guests


  • Hosts prepare wholesome meals in the communal cookhouse (all meals included)

  • Indoor wood stove, and outdoor fire pit

  • Queen sized beds

Price: $500/night for 3 cabins

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4. Bright and Spacious Cabin // Buck Lake

Sleeps: 5 guests


  • Fully equipped kitchen

  • Includes a hot tub and canoe for guest use

  • Pet friendly

Price: $306/night

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5. Airy Mountain Cottage // Nordegg

Sleeps: 2 guests


  • Stunning view of the Rockies

  • Wood burning stove and fully equipped kitchen

  • Lots of nearby scenic adventure opportunities

Price: $159/night

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6. Rustic Cottage // Buck Lake

Sleeps: 7 guests


  • Piano in living room for live entertainment

  • Sunroom, perfect for relaxation

  • BBQ, hot tub, fire pit, and canoe available for use

Price: $363/night

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7. Camping Tents on Peace River // Grimshaw

Sleeps: 4-6 guests


  • Access to hiking trails and river launching

  • Includes access to all essential amenities

  • Covered deck with a fire pit

Price: $71/night

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