Have you ever wished that you could have lived in the golden age of diners and leather jackets, like that of the ones seen on Grease? Or perhaps you've been binge watching too much Riverdale and are looking for a Pop's of your own to spend your Friday nights. Well, fellow Calgarians, look no further. We've uncovered the hidden diners of the city that are stuck in the 50's. 

From jukeboxes to giant "Diner" signs, these places have them all. Plus there's one restaurant you won't believe made this list. Grab your pals and get ready for some greasy grub and milkshakes. Here are 7 retro Calgary diners that will transport you to the past: 

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1. Kane's Harley Diner // 209 9 Ave SE

This Harley Davidson Diner is so old school, and also badass af. Those classic HD colours of orange and black are everywhere around the place, and they serve up some classic diner food to match. 

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2. Angel's Drive In // 8603 47 Ave NW

With a record-adorned ceiling and jukeboxes at booths, this place is as retro as it gets. It's also totally photogenic. 10/10 would cure my hangover with a burger from here. 

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3. Belmont Diner // 2008 33 Ave SW

This diner, while on the smaller side, is a definite Calgary hotspot. Probably because their food is to DIE for. My recommendation: their "Hot Holly Burger". I ate it a year ago and I'm STILL thinking about it.

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4. Diner Deluxe // 804 Edmonton Trail NE

This is another diner that serves up above average diner food. Fruit Loops waffles? Don't mind if I do. They also have a tiled wall outside that is perfect for IG. 

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5. Blackfoot Truckstop Diner // 1840 9 Ave SE

The seat and booth coverings in this place are a definite centrepiece, and definitely, match the name of the place. They also have toy trains that have a track on the ceiling and roam around - super cool!

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6. The Beltliner // 243 12 Ave SW

The Beltliner is a modern take on the classic diner vibe, and is, as you can tell, aesthetic af. They whip up some tasty caesars too, topped with chicken and waffles!! 

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7. McDonald's // 1422 17 Ave SW

Yes, you read that right. This place is the same famous McDonald's that you know and love, but with a twist. The 17th Ave location is completely retro, and you definitely need to check it out.